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Lost Wax casting SS bearing housing

Time:2018-03-26 16:33:50 Visitors:505
Product Description: Take your casting solutions to a whole new level with our lost wax investment castings. Investment castings are often known as lost wax casting, silica sol casting, precise casting or de-waxing casting and the materials used for the actual casting process can vary widely.

The great part about casting is that there is no limit to product shape, size or structure and you can get castings done according to your unique, custom specifications. Investment casting is well known for lower machining allowance, closer tolerance control and better surface finish and this makes it very popular. Additionally, these castings are known to be of superior quality, making them highly in demand in the industry today.

When choosing lost wax investment castings for your industrial applications, look through our catalogue and choose the specifications you need and place your order. We handle large or small orders and you need not worry about the quality of the finished product.

Our team of professionals put each casting through intense scrutiny to ensure that it is 100% visually and technically compliant with your requirements so that you have the perfect OEM castings for your applications. Apart from reduced costs, investment casting also helps in a more precise finish, so the finished product is of a higher level of accuracy to your specifications.

At Vast, we produce lost wax investment castings from just a few grams to as much as 160 kilograms. The great part about choosing us is that lower quantities are also economical to produce. Bulk quantities are also handled fast as we use multi-cavity automatic molding tools for the job on hand. Since costly machining operations are reduced or even eliminated, the whole process is simple and easy.

Simply get in touch with us for your custom lost wax investment castings requirement, and our in-house team will be more than happy to get the job done for you with precision.

Time:2018-03-26 16:33:50 Visitors:505
Contact Name:Nancy Yang
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