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Chinmore Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional and well-experienced company in R&D, manufacturer and marketing of all kinds of antenna, cable assembly and RF connectors.

It was found in 1997 and had developed cellular phone cable and RF connectors, then entered into profesional antenna product till now for over 18 years. Chinmore had established great reputation in Taiwan. we keep investing instrument and developing new product endlessly pursue to be the best in the areas of quality, innovation, service, speed and cost-efficiency.

We continue to provide best product with competitive price, and any custom-made products are welcome within our rang of products.

We are your best business partner and help each other to solve any problems as we can. Please feel free to contact us. We are welcome your any question.

Specialized in Parts for Antennas and Various Electronics Hardware
CHINMORE Perfectly Demonstrates Exquisite Techniques of Taiwan---------------------------------------

Focusing on manufacturing parts for antennas and various copper/iron/steel/stainless steel/Teflon electronics, plugs, and hardware components, Chinmore Industry Co., Ltd. has been one of the relevant industries’ most trusted and designated suppliers for more than 20 years. In terms of quality, lead time, and service, the three most critical requirements by the industry, Chinmore can always precisely meet its customers’ demands. Zero customer complaints and capabilities for processing urgent orders and offering customization are also advantages Chinmore has been so proud of for years, not to mention that in recent years it has invested in new plants and introduced advanced equipment and quality management systems to have its existing capacity and service upgraded to an exponential level.

Expanded Lathe Department and 50% Increase in Capacity

In order to respond to different customers’ demands from the global market, Chinmore continues to enhance its capacity and technique. After it moved to the new plant in 2018, it expanded the lathe department on the one hand, making its parts processing capacity greatly improved by over 50%, and introduced sets of automated lathes from Japan on the other hand to increase its daily capacity, fill the needs of domestic and overseas customers in OEM/ODM, and shorten lead times. Many customers were all quite impressed by the efficiency of production when they visited the plant of Chinmore.
“ Through relentless upgrade in capacity and plant expansion, we now have more capabilities to satisfy customers’ increasing and stricter requirements for sophisticated parts processing and make our brand image reputed as being always consistently high-quality and reliable shine brighter on the international market,” said Chinmore president Wang.

The Professional Engineering Team to Evaluate Product Design Feasibility for Customers

The realization of excellent quality unquestionably requires a group of professional engineers and technicians behind. When customers submit drawings or specifications of the products they need, Chinmore’s well-experienced team can immediately assist them in evaluating their production feasibility and manufacture some trial batches of samples before they are allowed by customers to go further to mass production, which could ensure the complete compliance of every piece of finished product with customers’ requirements and the precision and performance even better than customers’ expectations.

Multilaterally Integrated Manufacturing and Staff to Ensure Zero Defect of Finished Products

As Chinmore’s products are widely applied in certain industries with a great demand for sophisticated parts (telecommunication in particular), all of its in-plant procedures including material pickup, material feeding, processing, testing, and delivery must be compliant with strict quality management systems. Chinmore has been also certified to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 and has introduced the most advanced automated CNC machine, injection machine, and 3D projector for inspection into its plant. All procedures are synchronically integrated with the monitoring of engineers and operators. Each batch of products in any process has to be confirmed with an “okay” before it is allowed to move to the next step, which is why the finished products of Chinmore can always demonstrate high precision and remain consistent quality after they are shipped to customers. In addition to outstanding and efficient integration, Chinmore can also offer various types in low volumes and separate shipments if customers submit such requests, which helps reduce customers’ inventory and cost pressure. As a result, over the past years Chinmore has established a close and long term partnership with several domestic and overseas customers.
President Wang emphasized, “We hope we can continue to gain a fine reputation on the global market and make our customers have confidence in our products and t...

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