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JingFong, a lock nuts specialist, was founded in 1980. Today, JingFong is actively supplying various nuts to the customers in Asia, Europe, North and South America. The total sales can be organized into two major product categories serving a broad spectrum of markets:‧Engineered Standard Fasteners ( DIN, JIS, ANSI/ASME, IFI, ISO, SAE, ASTM, Mil , BA, UNI...)‧OEM FastenersCurrently, the business profile of this group includes the following:‧JingFong Industry CO., LTD. (Metal Fastener Manufacturer ) (Taiwan)‧ThaiLock Fasteners CO., LTD. (Metal Fastener Manufacturer ) (Thailand)‧ThaiMax Plastics CO., LTD. (Plastic Part Manufacturer ) (Thailand)JingFong has maintained leadership in the market of fastener due to its customer focus, a philosophy driven by customer's every need about quality, cost, and reliability. Through technology innovation,total quality management, and entrepreneurship, JingFong has been given a classified index noting of A+ by the TIFI (Taiwan Industrial Fasteners Institute), and the A+ factory in quality control by the Ministry of Economic Affairs of R.O.C. since 1993. In addition,JingFong has been certified ISO-9002 quality assurance since 1994. The overall credentials prove that JingFong is your reliable partner in supplying the lock nuts.

~The Award-winning Automotive Fasteners by JINGFONG~

JingFong Industry Co., Ltd. is Taiwan’s first lock nuts factory. Nowadays it has become a company with the annual production of 25,000 tons and the revenue of US$ 45 million. Focusing on the high-end automotive fastener market, JingFong mainly supplies products to European and American car manufacturers and plays a significant T1/T2 supplier in the supply chain. It mass-produces high precision parts with cold forging manufacturing procedures (including forming, threading, pressing and surface treatments) and has critical technology and takes good control of lead time and quality, all of which help achieve efficient management and monitoring.

Impressive R&D Capability and Award-winning Products
JingFong’s automotive fasteners produced for the assembly of “Daimler’s passenger cars” and “ZF Sachs’ shock absorber valve” have been both honored with Taiwan Excellence Award this year. “The core competence of JingFong is based on our know-how and R&D capabilities. We implement force analyses with a simulation software to ensure the highest accuracy of mechanical properties and performance during the development phase of products,” says the Company’s owner. JingFong has been aggressively introducing the quality alert and forging force analysis tool, providing high-quality manufacturing procedures and quickly analyzing causes of defective products to speed up the adjustments in manufacturing procedures.
JingFong is currently able to deliver products within 60-75 days, faster than its competitors’ average 90 days standard. It is also taking many steps to achieve the 0 PPM quality standard, which include requiring complete test results in the phase of material selection, building up a mechanism to monitor quality, carrying out full-inspection with automatic optical inspection machines, and integrating the workforce to do double-checks.

Seizing the Chance of Upgrading Equipment and Facilities
Although the Covid-19 pandemic has given a really hard time to the automotive market, JingFong still seizes the chance of expanding its current facilities and upgrading to smart manufacturing including IoT, viewable quality, quality monitoring, forging force analysis, and IT upgrade. JingFong expects to complete the upgrade to smart manufacturing lines within 6 months, which is estimated to enhance the ratio of machine utilization by 30%, reduce the time of machine breakdown without warning by 30%, shorten the lead time to 60-70 days, and increase the manufacturing efficiency by 50%. JingFong is taking actions to strengthen its know-how and upgrade production lines for further business transformation during the pandemic, hoping to reduce the impact to the minimum level, increase the ability to deliver products quickly when the order switching effect emerges, and maintain its technical power and quality level as the best response to the pandemic.

Accumulating Strengths to Face Future Changes in the Automotive Industry
JingFong thinks that there’ll be a drastic change in automotive fasteners with the development of electric vehicles and the trend of light-weighting will force manufacturers to use a large volume of Alu-Mg alloy fasteners to reduce the weight of a car. Noticing such a change, JingFong is now active in contacting EV assemblers, developing other metal forming procedures, working with customers in end-product design, manufacturing trial batches for accumulating technical strengths, in order to respond to the upcoming trend of product demand change.
JingFong and its Thailand branch have recently launched a 3-year capacity increasing plan, which incl

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‧Engineered Standard Fasteners ( DIN, JIS, ANSI/ASME, IFI, ISO, SAE, ASTM, Mil , BA, UNI...)‧OEM Fasteners

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