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О компании

Established in 1984, MING CHENG PRECISION CO.,LTD. is located at Pu Yan village Chuanghua County Taiwan and commits itself as a well-known CNC automation machining company that always keeps technology, service and customers above everything to offer satisfactory business commitments and work hard for brighter future.Not only is MING CHENG devoted to high quality CNC machiningbut also imports fully advanced Japanese processing technology and strict American testing equipment to manufacture high quality products that never work old ways but keeps moving toward better production ideas. MING CHENG is active exporting its products globally with constant innovation. In 2005, the company introduces ERP system that integrates effective management parts together with CAM / CAD that have enhanced production technology environment greatly.With recent years worldwide strategy, MING CHENG expands in Asia, Europe and Latin America and maintains its Taiwan factory as operation center to combine all overseas factories to competitively around the world. On top of that, MING CHENG holds high market share in Taiwan and sets up factory in Hangzhou that provides easy purchase for foreign companies in China. In the future, MING CHENG will work harder in the parts machining business that will offer quality and good pricing structure for longer market growth and grown with clients for rosy business future....

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