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ABS METAL Industry Corp. is a ISO-9001-2015 Cert. Company and supplying qualified Fasteners comform to different standards - SAE, ASTM, IS O and DIN. Our customers covered different kinds of Industry - Construction, Automobile, Machinery, Electrical Appliance and Furniture, so we are capable gave you right solution on Fasteners ABS METAL staffs are all well trained and working very hard - gained good reputation and become a trustworthy partner among customers. Please contact us for more informations. Thank you in advance.

ABS Metal - Pioneering in Satisfying Buyers’ Needs

Trading special parts as its main business range, ABS Metal Industry Corp. has always had its own success strategy for fastener trade. Although the entire market development in 2019 appeared a downward trend, ABS Metal continues to keep normal sales due to the fact that special parts are not easy to be replaced. “We try to keep ourselves updated at all times and ensure that the intelligence we get is the latest in the industry. This is our advantage as a trader, as we spend much time on processing info we get and try to make ourselves always updated with latest industrial trends,” said President Arthur Chiang. He added, “The current market is quite different, which means demands, lead times, and functions requirements all change really fast. However, one can still find the most satisfying solutions (e.g. advanced or modern products) from ABS Metal.

Close Connection to the Industry and Know What It Needs
ABS Metal keeps itself updated with the latest market trends and info via cross-industry interaction and maintaining close relationship with end-users and manufacturers. “Many overseas plants have become fully automated, so how to make fasteners and components be moderately used in automated assembly equipment has been first and foremost the priority issue,” said President Chiang. He further added, “Zero defect has been a basic requirement among buyers for products. As a result, how to maintain smooth communication and collaboration with manufacturers to meet customers’ demands will be the mission for a trader.”

The Professional Sales Team Playing a Key Role
According to ABS Metal, the role of a trader is to make fastener sales simple but highly specialized. Generally speaking, the sales division of a company is mainly designated to take the responsibility for order acceptance. However, if to view it at an international level, the sales division should also play a role in gathering intelligence, facilitating integration and handling subsequent customer care, which is to maintain good relationship with the global leading brands on one hand, and keep Taiwanese manufacturers updated with the global production trend on another hand. As a result, ABS Metal will continue to play a key role in connecting manufacturers with customers.

Covering the Most Superior Manufacturers in Taiwan
Getting familiar with the usual practice of fastener manufacturers and affiliated suppliers in Taiwan, ABS Metal offers customers a complete range of service (including forming, heat treatment, electroplating, etc.), satisfying customers’ demands for products at a time. In addition, ABS Metal has also established collaboration with other IATF-certified factories in order to trace the manufacturing procedures of products and ensure high quality of products.
90% of the companies ABS Metal has been in collaboration with are local Taiwanese manufacturers. “The quality and technology of Taiwan both remain highly competitive, “said President Chiang. Although Chinese manufacturers are gradually improving their technology, Taiwan still takes the lead when it comes to staff training and quality. President Chiang added, “Taiwanese manufacturers have to keep this advantage and reinforce quality control to meet the market demand for zero defect.”
ABS Metal never stops strengthening its employees’ professional knowledge of fastener markets. In 2020 it will continue to offer more training programs to its employees and provide every customer with the satisfying solutions from ABS.

Contact: Ms. Belinda Chang

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