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About Company

Oriental Multiple Enterprise Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of anchors in the fastener industry since 1993.

Establishing plants in Vietnam and Taiwan, Oriental's business has been expanded into USA, Europe, Japan, Australia and other countries worldwide.

With extensive manufacturing and engineering expertise, Oriental specialize in:
Drop In Anchor (ETA Approval), Sleeve Anchor, Wedge Anchor, Chemical Anchor Stud, Ceiling Anchor, Express Nail, Metal Insulation Plug and Cold Forming Parts.

The Integrated Service Provider
of Specialty Anchor Manufacturing and Trading
成盈貿易 專業壁虎「製造+貿易」整合式服務

by Gang Hao Chang, Vice Editor-in-Chief of Fastener World

Since the establishment in 1993, Tseng Win Trading Co., Ltd. (“Tseng Win”) has been dedicated to the supply of various anchors. With nearly 3 decades of business development, Tseng Win has become a company being able to provide both manufacturing and trading service of specialty anchors to its overseas clients. Being an industry and trade integration business type along with a professional team providing a wide knowledge of anchor technology, Tseng Win could well control the quality from R&D to the full production via only one single approach. In addition, the advantage of its one-stop service also allows global clients an efficient access to its high-quality products and service.

Tseng Win currently has two operations in both Taiwan and Vietnam. While the Taiwan-based Tseng Win takes responsibility for order intake and preliminary product procedures, the operation in Vietnam, Oriental Multiple Co., Ltd., is in charge of the secondary manufacturing process as well as packaging and final delivery.

Accepting Both OEM and ODM Orders
Tseng Win produces and supplies a wide range of anchors, including Drop-in Anchor, Cut Anchor, Wedge Anchor, Sleeve Anchor, Hammer Drive Anchor, Chemical Stud, Express Nail, Lag Screw Shield Anchor, Hit Anchor, Toggle Wing/Bolt Anchor. The products are made from steel, stainless steel, and zinc alloy, with specifications of M6-M20, 1/4-3/4 and W1/4-W3/4. Tseng Win is capable of accepting either standard anchor orders or customized orders. Their capacity reaches up to 30 million pieces per month.

The mature manufacturing and developing technique and years of experience not only give Tseng Win strengths for OEM production, but also enable them to create products that better comply with market demands. Their most recently developed “Drop-in Anchor Mini Type (M8x10x25, M10x12x25, M12x15x25)” is an example.

The First Taiwanese Drop-in Anchor Manufacturer to be ETA Approved
Some Taiwanese companies have received their ETA approval in recent years, which means their technical capabilities have been in compliance with EU’s Construction Product Regulation. The approval generally takes a long period of time to apply and receive. However, to Tseng Win, getting the ETA approval has been recorded into the company’s history for almost 10 years. “In collaboration with our client, we successfully obtained the certification of ETA in 2009. We are also the first Taiwanese drop-in anchor manufacturer to be ETA-approved,” says Vance Tseng, General Manager of Tseng Win.

Tseng added, “Tseng Win has a complete quality management system with full traceability. From material selection to final delivery, we keep strict quality control over each step of manufacturing procedure. Inspection is launched every year as well to ensure the compliance of all of our products with QC policies. Through all these stepwise quality control procedures, we can achieve high-quality production and management.”

High Competitiveness on the Market / 90% of Products for Export to Europe/USA/Japan
In all the exported products of Tseng Win, up to 90% of their products are shipped to Japan (35%), Europe (30%) and USA (25%). This significantly indicates that the quality of Tseng Win’s anchors have been widely recognized and appreciated by various users in advanced countries. In addition, as the EU-Vietnam FTA has come into effect since last August, Tseng Win is expected to gain higher competitiveness on the market by having its products produced in Vietnam and exported directly to the EU.

Tseng added, “Other than our capabilities, honesty is also what we rely on to collaborate with clients. We take our partnership with clients seriously and would spare no effort to maximize the interests of both parties without competing directly with our clients. In the new year, we also look forward to meeting more potential clients, understanding the market trends, and extending our sales to more markets.”

Contact: Ms. Jessi Tseng

ETA -16/0586
Head Marking
plants / Machines
2016-09-30  New ETA approval number : ETA-16/0586

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