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About Company
About Company

We are a trading company. Our supply lines are wide and the parts could be per customers’ requests or standard spec.. There are over 100 cooperation mfrs behind us. Thus we can always offer good price with high quality & on time delivery to our customers. Our major supply market is to USA, but we also have customers from all over the world. As long as you give us a chance to service you, you will find our good service & keep working with us! Do not hestitate and send your inquiry to us now!!! ROHS CPMPLIANT AVAILABLE FOR SPECIAL DESIGN PPAP AVAILABLE.

~Sun Chen Fasteners Moved to a New Office with the Best Team Ever~

Sun Chen Fasteners Inc. is always well-known for its wide-ranging service. “Being efficient is our commitment, having work done well is our responsibility, sustainable operation is our goal, and making customers satisfied is our honor,” Sun Chen Fasteners President Chen said with a smile. In the beginning of 2020, Sun Chen Fasteners moved to its new office with a more spacious and comfortable workplace. In addition to increasing the office space, President Chen also set up a quality control room for achieving a higher quality control level of its products.

Newly-built Quality Control Room and Packaging Machines to Enhance Service
One of the most eye-catching features of the new office is the newly-built quality control room. Sun Chen Fasteners is planning to introduce projectors, depth gauges and so on to establish a strict quality control system. It is also planning to add more devices for measuring dimensions and will certainly consider the possibility of hiring more QA staff. According to Chen, quality control is essential and to expand the quality inspection items in the company can streamline quality control. In terms of any other quality inspection items requested by customers, Sun Chen Fasteners will also try every effort to send them to other professional third-party units for inspection.
Targeting America as its major market, Sun Chen Fasteners can provide customers with various products in low-volume batches. However, as many customers told President Chen that the packaging materials of a few of the goods previously delivered to them by long-haul air cargo appeared the issue of breakage (some even resulting in damage to the merchandise), Sun Chen Fastener then took the opportunity this time to introduce new packaging machines and reinforce the materials it uses to package its products. Valuing customers’ demands and focusing on more careful service are why Sun Chen Fasteners has won the deep trust from its customers.

A Trader That Can Solve Any Problem with Many Good Ideas
When it comes to Sun Chen Fasteners, one will always think of its ability to make special drawings into a reality and high flexibility. “We are like a company that can do anything. We always see our customers contact us with their inquiries and leave with our satisfying solutions,” President Chen said. He added, “One of our customers from the U.S. once contacted us for purchasing stainless steel caps, however, manufacturing such a product would inevitably cause lines or abrasion on its surface. In order to solve this problem, we then recommended this customer to use PE films featuring high viscosity, and he was quite satisfied with the final result.”
Facing the demands for so many different parts, President Chen also noted, “Other than hardware and fasteners, we have recently seen more new products demands from our existing customers, which is quite interesting. For example, some of our existing U.S. customers sent us their inquiries for a variety of sports facilities, including audience chairs, basketball rims, park benches, or even impact-resistant foams. As we do not set any limit on which product order to accept and our customers fully trust us, they come to us for help when they need other products.”

Being Deeply Connected to the Suppliers Network and Valuing What Customers Need
Having dedicating itself to Taiwanese manufacturing for 26 years, Sun Chen Fasteners is deeply connected to a huge suppliers network, which is why Sun Chen Fasteners is able to accept any type of order without difficulties. The team of Sun Chen Fasteners will always go to partnered factories to check the manufacturing status, as a result, when any customer submits his complaint, they can quickly analyze what the cause is from an objective standpoint. President said, “We once received a customer’s complaint, and after our times of analyses and research, the customer then made his apology and compensated us for our loss. Before shipments, we will go to our partnered factories to conduct random inspection of products and packages. Products will be shipped only after we give an “okay” and our team will help solve customers’ quality issues as quickly as they can. Sun Chen Fasteners offers information transparent to its customers, does whatever it can to satisfy customers’ demands, develops new products, keeps an eye on suppliers’ capabilities, and collaborates with the most suitable factories to quote.

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