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Fastener World's Exhibition Footprints in 2023

Fastener World's Exhibition Footprints in 2023

Show Title

Fastener World's Exhibition Footprints in 2023

Date 2023

    The 7th edition of Fasteners World Middle East which was held during January 9 to 12 at Expo Centre Sharjah is the only specialized fastener exhibition in the Middle East and North Africa region. This year the organizer arranged national pavilions for China, India, Turkey and Europe in the exhibition hall.
    This year's edition coincided with the rising oil prices in the Middle East, which has created a boom in the local manufacturing and construction industries and promoted the rapid growth of the fastener industry.  Intelligence reveals that the total construction market in the Middle East Gulf countries is valued at US$1 trillion, with as many as 5,000 construction projects in the UAE region. The size of the fastener economy that derives from it is not to be underestimated.
    During the show period, we met traders and metalworkers from Dubai who were looking for companies interested in setting up manufacturing plants in Dubai. They indicated that the UAE government is interested in providing subsidies in the future to reduce the cost of transporting industrial goods for these companies.
    A visitor mentioned the fact that Chinese manufacturing industry is affected by the Chinese government’s policy has driven the Middle East buyers to prefer collaborating with other Asian manufacturers to ensure a stable supply. In addition, a visitor from India was looking for machines that can manufacture large sized screws. There was also a visitor from Sharjah who was looking for screws to fasten ship pipelines. We also heard from Taiwanese exhibitors that the anticipation for this show was high and that the number of exhibitors and visitors exceeded the last show!
    As a major manufacturing city, Germany has huge potential for its industrial and automotive industries. Market research institutions have released the latest forecast that the global market scale of industrial fasteners will reach USD 87.3 billion by 2026, while automotive fasteners will reach USD 24.2 billion in 2028, of which Germany will occupy a significant share. Against the background of high demand prospects, the world waited four years and finally witnessed the 9th edition of Fastener Fair Global returning to Messe Stuttgart for a three-day period from March 21-23, 2023, attracting global fastener exhibitors and buyers to exchange and discuss collaboration opportunities.
    The organizer's booth sales agent, Fastener World brought nearly150 Taiwanese exhibitors to the event to gain more business opportunities for the Taiwanese industry to export to the European market. Several Taiwanese fastener companies told Fastener World that the lineup of Taiwan exhibitors in the 2023 edition was a huge force that could not be underestimated. The reason why Taiwan attached great importance to the return of this show was because, for one thing, Taiwan saw the potential of this show in prompting buyers to place orders; for another, Taiwan looked to grasp a wave of orders from this show in spring to replenish order books and to begin shipping worldwide from the second half of 2023. Additionally, the newly designed Taiwan Pavilion was particularly eye-catching and stood out in the venue, attracting inquiries from many local and overseas buyers and visitors.
    During the show, Fastener World provided visitors with matchmaking and other collaboration opportunities, and recommended many suppliers' quality products and technologies through publications. One thing of interest was that the Fastener World’s staff took a group photo with one of the visitors in exotic clothes and screw hat, creating a joyful interaction.
    According to the latest data from the organizer's press release issued on March 30 (German time), the three-day show attracted around 1,000 exhibitors from 46 countries and used 23,230 square meters of venue space in total (1,000 square meters more than the previous edition) in Halls 1/3/5/7. Exhibitors were mainly from Germany, Italy, Spain, Turkey, UK, the Netherlands, Poland, France, Taiwan, China and India. This year, with the lifting of lockdown in various countries, overseas buyers are eager to start replenishing their stock in large quantities. The 2023 edition brought an inpour of both people and purchase orders. Almost 11,000 trade visitors from 83 countries visited the Fair and they were mostly distributors, manufacturers, and suppliers from Germany, Italy, UK, Poland, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Czech Republic, Austria, and Belgium.
    Fastener Fair Global showcased a wide range of products, including raw materials (wire rods), finished/semi-finished fasteners, tooling, machines and equipment, secondary processing, surface treatment, heat treatment, electroplating and baking, warehousing, and related products and services. Every year, the show attracted numerous visitors from the construction, automotive, aerospace, marine, electronics, light and heavy engineering, energy, communication technology, metal products, furniture manufacturing, and sanitary ware industries.
The next edition of Fastener Fair Global will take place again at Messe Stuttgart on March 25-27, 2025.
    The 8th Manufacturing World Nagoya was successfully held from April 12 to 14, 2023 in Hall 1 of the Port Messe Nagoya. A Japanese exhibitor at the show told Fastener World that the venue was packed with people on the first day of the show, and remained heavily patronized for three consecutive days. According to the data of the organizer, 8,044 people came on the first day, 9,093 on the second day, and 10,363 on the third day, increasing day by day for three consecutive days, reaching 275,000 people in total. In fact, Fastener World’s booth saw more visitors coming to seek matchmaking services on the third day.
    One visitor to Fastener World shared a new trend that is brewing in the international market— titanium alloy powder. This is a high precision material that can be used as a raw material for the production of high-end products such as medical grade, aerospace grade, and automotive grade fasteners, and is gradually attracting the interest of many fastener manufacturers. Due to high plasticity and machinability, powdered titanium alloy is very suitable for forming high precision and highly customized fastener products. Even when customers request specific fastener shapes, powdered titanium alloy can handle. Therefore, the production using titanium alloy powder is very flexible and suitable for manufacturers who are upgrading to high value-added products. The potential of titanium alloy powder in the future is considerable.
    The organizer announced that the next Manufacturing World Nagoya will be held from April 10 will be unveiled again on April 10-12, 2024.
    Taipei International Automobile & Motorcycle Parts & Accessories Show (TAIPEI AMPA) was held from April 12 to 15, 2023 in Hall 1 of Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. For the first time the show combines 3 sub-fairs including TAIPEI AMPA, AUTOTRONICS TAIPEI, 2035 E-Mobility Taiwan. Across 4 days, it attracted nearly 4,000 global buyers, 830 companies, 2,200 booths, over 50,000 professionals, and 4,000 domestic and overseas buyers from 103 countries. The majority of the buyers were from Japan, while others included Malaysia, the U.S., Singapore and South Korea.
    During the show, the organizers arranged full-day forums, with electric vehicles being a major focus of discussion. Global EV sales have soared from 2.276 million units to 10.522 million units in the past three years, creating a huge demand for parts and components. Taiwan provides automotive fasteners and parts OEM production technology that is equal to the world standard, so naturally it has become a hot spot for buyers from over 100 countries to come and purchase. At the Fastener World booth, we met domestic and foreign buyers who came to inquire about automotive fasteners, professional-grade fastening tools and other high-end fastening products, expecting to find high quality sources of supply through our matching services. Judging from the post-show matchmaking result, the future potential of the automotive parts OEM market in Taiwan is still huge.
    With this year's show coming to an end, the organizer announced the next TAIPEI AMPA, AutoTronics Taipei, and E-Mobility Taiwan 2035 will be held from April 17 to 20, 2024.
    After five years of hiatus, the 6th edition of Taiwan International Fastener Show returned to Kaohsiung Exhibition Center with an online plus physical exhibition. According to the show organizer’s post-show report, the show attracted nearly 300 exhibitors and used around 850 booths, as well as nearly 8,000 buyers from 60 countries on May 3-5. Overseas buyers were mainly from India, the U.S., Japan, Germany, and Thailand. During the event, the show organizer also gave lots of industrial forums, procurement meetings and the “Manufacturers Win” podcast, attracting many industry experts and scholars to share their experiences and achievements. Another highlight of this year's event was the new "Raw Materials, Dies and Hand Tools Zone", connecting through the entire fastener ecosystem.
    The "Global Fastener Forum" held on the first day of the show invited the presidents of the U.S., German and Italian fastener distributors associations, as well as speakers from domestic leading companies to talk about net zero, international market analyses, smart manufacturing, electric vehicles and other issues, attracting over 200 domestic and overseas companies in attendance.
    The show organizer also invited 49 international buyers from 18 countries, including Mexico, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Brazil, New Zealand, Finland, the U.S., Canada, and the United Arab Emirates to participate in 152 one-on-one procurement meetings with 24 industry players, in order to facilitate business matching and opportunities.
    Fastener World’s booth used the bar theme as the design concept, coupled with a popcorn machine to provide freshly popped popcorn, as well as bread, hot-pressed sandwiches, and beverages for visitors to take a break and to match with fastener suppliers from Taiwan and many other countries through Fastener World. We also met pipe related companies from the U.S. eagerly looking for high quality threaded rods, nuts and washers from Taiwan, as well as Japanese distributors looking for fasteners from Taiwan, and European fastener stockists looking for new and existing customers. During the three days, Fastener World’s stand was crowded with lots of customers. These overseas visitors unanimously expressed to us that although Taiwan is facing inflation and cost pressure together with the rest of the world, the high quality charm of Taiwan fasteners is still irresistible.
    The show organizer has also made its announcement after the show that the 2024 edition of Taiwan International Fastener Show is dated to be given at Kaohsiung Exhibition Center on June 05-07. For more info about the show, please always keep yourself updated through reading Fastener World magazines and official website at
    SUBCON THAILAND, Thailand's largest exhibition for industrial subcontracting and business matching, took place at BITEC (Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre). The show was also co-located with INTERMACH & MTA Asia, an exhibition for the latest technology and modern machinery for manufacturing and related industries, attracting many business decision makers and high quality buyers from ASEAN countries.
    The show was an excellent opportunity for industry players to showcase their latest industrial technologies, products and peripheral services, and for buyers and sellers to quickly communicate with each other. Fastener World Inc. also grasped such a good opportunity to exhibit on-site in order to develop potential business opportunities in Thailand and its neighboring countries for customers. Our staff also distributed our free publications to visiting buyers, hoping to build a bridge for industrial collaboration.
    This year's exhibitors mainly came from the fields of metal/plastic automotive parts, electric/electronic parts, mold design, fasteners, automation, software, surface treatment, industrial supply and services, aerospace parts, medical parts, and mechanical parts. Visitors were mainly corporate owners and executives, engineers and technicians, procurement and production personnel, as well as personnel from the fields of automotive parts, electronics, metal machinery, air conditioning and refrigeration, industrial supply, aerospace and medical equipment.
    According to Fastener World’s staff on site, the number of exhibitors this year reached 210. The organizer also invited a number of industry leaders to conduct several industry seminars during the event. In addition, electric vehicles, 5G technology, digital electronics, automation, medical and infrastructure were the most popular industry trends in the show, so the 4-day show attracted many professionals from both domestic and international industries, hoping to get a head start through face-to-face communication and consultation on the global market, which is gradually recovering after the epidemic.
    Fastener Fair USA was held on May 16-17 this year at the Music City Center in Nashville. This show is a professional exhibition that is gaining more and more attention from fastener manufacturers in North America and is aimed at providing a platform for mutual meeting, cooperation and communication among manufacturers, master distributors, equipment makers, processors, packagers and end users in the supply chain.
    This year, the show attracted 233 local and foreign exhibitors from the U.S. and abroad to showcase their latest products and trends in industrial fasteners, construction fasteners, assembly and installation systems, fastener production technology, distribution/storage/manufacturing equipment...etc. during the 2-day event. Participants also included 31 exhibitors from Taiwan and 19 exhibitors from India. Exhibitors mainly came from advanced fastener manufacturing, fastener distribution, aerospace, agriculture, automotive and construction fields.
    Fastener World Inc. was also present at the show to distribute free publications to explore more possibilities of industrial cooperation for manufacturers/advertisers. According to Fastener World’s staff onsite, Taiwan Pavilion was the largest overseas pavilion at the show, and more than 30 exhibitors showcased their latest products and services to attract the attention of visiting buyers, hoping to take advantage of the slow recovery of market demand to seize the perfect opportunity to gain access to the supply chain of the fastener industry in the United States. The various publications and online sourcing platform of Fastener World were also highly appreciated by many local buyers in the U.S. at the event.
    Show visitors this year didn't miss out the opportunities to meet face-to-face with fastener manufacturers, distributors and suppliers, discover the latest product technologies, attend educational seminars presented by industry experts, interact with competitive peers and potential customers, and observe trends and emerging markets in the fastener industry, either. Visitors from within the United States came primarily from Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Tennessee. Another highlight of this year's show was the Fastening 101 Conference held by Fastener Training Institute on 05/15, the day before the show, which covered topics such as manufacturing processes, consensus standards, quality control, product and design fundamentals. In addition, the show's opening night party was held at the Country Music Hall of Fame on 05/16 with a live performance by a famous local Nashville singer and songwriter Tommy O'Keeffe.
    The organizers also announced immediately after the show that the next edition will be held at the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland on May 22-23, 2024.
    International Fastener Show China is organized by China General Machine Components Industry Association as well as China Fastener Industry Association (CFIA) and has earned authority and credibility across local fastener industry. This year the show was successfully held from May 22 to 24. The exhibition area covered 42,000 square meters, with nearly 800 exhibitors, using about 2,000 booths, attracting buyers from the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Brazil, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Russia, India, Iran, Turkey and other countries to visit the show.
    The export value of fasteners from China surpassed the 10 billion mark last year, growing to 11.1 billion USD. This show is a great opportunity for exhibitors to seek orders from overseas buyers and is the main channel for visitors from all over the world to purchase fasteners with cost advantages. Fastener World’s exhibitor seized the opportunity to provide visitors with fastener intelligence and recommended suitable suppliers to push for China's integration with the international community and the development of the fastener industry.
    The show covered raw materials, specialized equipment, dies and consumables, design technology, testing and experimentation, e-commerce platform, industry services, standard fasteners, special fasteners and stamping parts for visitors from construction, electronics, automotive, aerospace and other industries. The national wire and fastener industry chain summit was held on site, as well as seminars on advanced technology, smart manufacturing and digitalization. International Fastener Show China connects the whole industry chain in China and has developed into an industry benchmark for the fastener industry in the big city of Shanghai.
    June 1 to 3 unveiled the curtain of Fastener Fair India which showcased industrial fasteners, mounting systems, warehousing and logistics services, fastener manufacturing technology and construction fasteners. Market research firms predict that India's industrial fastener market scale is expected to reach a sizeable INR 460 billion by 2023, supported in large part by local automotive and construction demand.
    The automotive industry is the largest consumer of fasteners in India, and in 2022 the Indian automotive industry was one of the world's highlights, with domestic passenger car sales up by a whopping 23% to 3,792,356 vehicles, in stark contrast to the sluggish European auto market. In the context of this year's slow market recovery, the demand for automobiles and automotive fasteners in India is expected to rise again, thus making Fastener Fair India even more anticipated.
    Fastener World caught this uptrend in South Asia and we took the opportunity to hand out publications at the show and introduce fastener suppliers to Indian visitors. These visitors mainly came from Mumbai and New Delhi, while others from Qatar and other countries. Most of them were looking for manufacturers, traders and wholesalers who could supply versatile screws. The high number of visitors to our booth exceeded our expectation, reflecting the high demand for fasteners in India. Fastener business opportunities are blooming there.
    The next edition of Fastener Fair India will take place again at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi on 26-28 July 2024.
    According to the organizer, the 13th Fastener Shanghai Expo attracted more than 800 exhibitors and over 10,000 visitors to National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) from June 5 to 7, with 56,000 square meters of exhibition space. The show featured a VIP meeting area for large-volume buyers as well as face-to-face matchmaking sessions for foreign businessmen. Some local exhibitors indicated that they had signed large orders from important overseas customers.
    Fastener World’s staff onsite displayed the latest issue of China Fastener World Magazines and recommended suitable suppliers and Taiwanese companies having plants in China to visitors. Some visitors said the "2023 Suppliers Directory" included in the magazine saved them a lot of time and expense in product sourcing and supplier searching. This directory lists many high-quality and highly-rated fastener suppliers from China.
    During the show, the 2nd “High-End Fastener Conference” was held, inviting more than 20 well-known companies from the fastener, automotive, inspection and aerospace industries to discuss the transformation of the fastener industry. Plus, there was a social event with the title: "The Road to Breakthrough for Fastener Distributors in the New Era". The next exhibition will be held again from March 20 to 22 next year.
    On June 6-8, +INDUSTRY 2023 was held Bilbao Exhibition Centre, the largest exhibition for smart manufacturing in Spain. The 3-day event attracted more than 750 exhibitors and thousands of industry professionals from both inside and outside of Spain. Exhibitors showcased a wide range of products and services focused on innovation and new technologies to enhance the competitiveness of their industries and create a more excellent performance of their services.
    Halls 1 and 3 were open this time. The thematic exhibit areas included ADDIT3D, BeDIGITAL, MAINTENANCE, PUMPS&VALVES and SUBCONTRATACION as well as various industrial supply & hardware industry sectors and the WORKinn Talent Hub. +INDUSTRY 2023 also provided a very useful channel for visitors to learn about the latest trends in the industry.
    The organizer also held nearly 30 industry exchanges and seminars during the 3-day exhibition, focusing on topics of great interest to the industry such as energy, 3D printing, digitization, automation, cybersecurity, sustainable management, green economy, robotics, etc.
    According to Fastener World's on-site staff, this year's show was dominated by local Spanish exhibitors, but exhibitors from other European countries, Taiwan and China were also present. Machinery, tools, hardware, as well as fasteners and fixings were the focus of inquiries from visiting buyers. Many European traders and distributors also gained a better understanding of fastening products and companies from Taiwan through the actual magazine distribution at Fastener World's stand. Some of them also expressed that they were considering the possibility and opportunity to strengthen cooperation with Asian suppliers (e.g. Taiwanese companies) and would like to know more about what kind of services and assistance Taiwanese companies can offer them.
    In view of the remarkable results of this year's show in promoting domestic and international industry exchanges and the turnover rate between buyers and sellers, the organizer has announced that the show will continue to be held at Bilbao Exhibition Centre on 03-05 June 2025.
    Manufacturing World Japan had a grand opening from June 21 at Tokyo Big Sight and a perfect closure on June 23. The show combined the mechanical components expo, industrial equipment expo, inspection equipment expo, aerospace expo and other sub exhibitions, the whole show attracted over a thousand exhibitors. Visitors mainly came from automotive, heavy industry, machinery and other industries from various countries.
    Fastener World’s staff onsite witnessed the massive influx of visitors in the aisles of the show, most of whom were purchasing managers of major Japanese companies, traders, and owners of small and medium-sized factories. Some equipment manufacturers came to our booth looking for machine screws, some automotive parts manufacturers came to ask about automotive fasteners, and other parts manufacturers were looking for surface treatment service providers in Taiwan. Our exhibitor showed them printed publications and our online B2B platform and introduced potential partners to them.
    Besides, a major Japanese company with long-term collaboration with Fastener World visited our booth for a photo with our staff and discussed media promotion plans and arrangement for a company tour in the second half of the year.
    During the three-day show, the organizer held several lectures on topics such as next-generation automobile manufacturing, aircraft manufacturing and its carbon reduction, digital transformation of supply chains, and green transformation. In addition, the show contained an AI expo. With AI providing various API interfaces, it has become easier to implement artificial intelligence into different industries. It will be important to observe whether technologically advanced countries such as Europe, America and Japan will be among the first to introduce AI into the fastener manufacturing process in the near future. The next edition of Manufacturing World Japan will be held from June 19 to 21 next year at the same venue.

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