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L&W Fasteners Company ISO 9001 Certificate . Since 1992. We develop excellent makers , control quality, combine shipment for global importers and distributors. We specialize in Stainless Steel, Alloy steel, Low carbon Steel and Brass materials on all kinds of Bolts, Screws, Special parts, and Nuts, Special Nuts , Stamping parts. Surface treat available on 24 Hrs -- 1000 hrs Salt spray test plating, and Hot deep galvanizing, Mechanical galvanizing, Dacromet , Geomet series. Country of original included Taiwan, China, Our excellent services , professional fasteners knowledge promote your sales and save your time to success. We able supply all kinds of products per DIN ANSI ISO BS standard and special part per customer drawing or sample. Mateiral : Steel , alloy steel , stainelss steel , brass. Size: M3 - M100 , #0 - 4", , max length: 1,000mm. Hex nut, hex flange nut , nylon lock nut Thread rods, studs Hex bolt , Structural bolt Hex Socket head cap screw , set screw Washer and spring washer Self drilling, self tapping screw , machine screw

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Main Product

Flat Washers

Lock Washers

Hexagon Nuts

Hexagon Head Bolts

Long Carriage Bolts

Socket Head Cap Screws

Socket Head Set Screws

Heavy Nuts

Large Diameter Bolts

Large Nuts

Prevailing Torque Nuts

Construction Fasteners

Square Nuts
Hex, Fin, Jam Nuts
Hex, Socket Head Cap
Hex Socket Set Screws Flat Point
Spring Lock Washers
Self-drilling Screws
Self-Tapping Screws
Machine Screws
Hex, Fin, Flat Nuts
hex flange nut
Hex. Nylon Insert Locknuts
Socket set screw
self tapping screw
Machine screw
Hex. Fin, Flat Jam Nuts
Reduced Shank Hex, Nuts
Hex, Nuts 1.5 High For Threaded Connections
Hex, Nuts With Collar 1.5 High For Threaded Connections
Hex, Coupling Nuts
Hex, M/S Nuts
Hex, M/S Nuts
TP A Wing Nuts Forgen
TP A Wing Nuts Stamping
Hex, Jam Nylon Insert Locknuts
Top Cone Hex, Nuts
Top Cone Flange Nuts
Dome Cap Nuts One pcs
Dome Cap Nuts 2 PCS
Dome Cap Nuts 2 PCS
Hex, Cap Nuts
Hex, Kep Nuts
Channel Spring Nuts
Square Weld Nuts
Hex, Weld Nuts
Hex, Slotted Flange Nuts
Hex, Castle Nuts
Hex, Slotted Nuts
Dome Hex, Flange Nuts
Hex. Flange Nuts With , Without Serration
Conical Hex, Washer Nuts
Pipe Nuts Thin Type
Clinch Nuts
Blind Rivet Nuts
All Metal Self Locking Nuts
Cage Nuts
Stamping Nuts
Speed Nuts
Tee Nuts
Special Hexagon. Square, Round Weld Nuts
Special Flange Nuts
Special Nuts
Wheel Nuts
Rivet Nuts
Flange Bolts
Toothed Lock Washer(External)
Drop In Anchor
304 S.S, 316S.S, A2 S.S, A4 S.S Bolts
Stamping Washer, Spring Lock Washers
Stamping Washer, Spring Lock Washers
Stamping Washer, Spring Lock Washers
All Kinds of Screws
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