Manufacturer Introduction - RODEX FASTENERS CORP.

About Company

Rodex Fasteners Corp., a manufacturer and exporter, is the largest professional stainless steel wire and screw producer with top quality and complete inspection equipment. Rodex is specialized in stainless steel screws from size M2~M8 per DIN, ANSI(IFI), and JIS standard with capacity of 1000 metrictons per month. Our strong products are Chipboard Screws, Self Tapping Screws, Self Drilling Screws, Socket Screws, Socket Set Scr ews, and Sems Screws. Established in 1984, Rodex has concentrated on the production of stainless steel wire and screws. We have been able to export our products to all corners of the world. Rodex gathers specialist s and experiences to do our best for customers. 1. Established : May 1984 2. Work force : Approx 220 3. Plant Area : 14,430 SQ.M. 4. Capacity : 1000 metric tons/ month Since Rodex Fasteners Corp. ´s foundation in May 1984, the company has exhibited a spirit of diligence, innovation and enterprise. By concentrating our production focus on stainless wire and precision made screws, we have positioned our company at the forefront of industrial development and have been able to export our products to all corners of the world. With these successes in hand, Rodex has been able to rapidly inject further capital into production facilities to increase production capacity. Major products: Stainless steel wire , Stainless steel screws. Fastener plant: * Heading machines * Thread rolling machines * Cold former ( 2D3B, 2D4B, 3D3B, 4D4B, 5D5B, 6D6B, 7D7B) * Sorting machines * Packing machines * Saw slotted machines * Turning machines * Self drilling screw machines Drawing Plant: * Heavy duty continuous wire drawing machines * Medium type continuous wire drawing machines * continuous bright annealing furnace

CE , ISO-9001
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Main Product

Chipboard Screws

Hexagon Head Cap Screws

Socket Head Set Screws

Triangular Thread Screws

High Low Thread Screws

Self-drilling Screws

Machine Screws

Button Head Socket Cap Screws

Socket Set Screws

Blind Rivets

Flat Head & Socket Head Cap Screws

Self-Tapping Screws

Thread Rolling Screws

6-Lobe Screws
Socket Screws
Stainless Steel Wire
Tapping Screw
Chipboard Screw
Machine Screw
Socket Screw
Set Screw
Self Drilling Screw
Blind Rivets
Washer Assembly of Sems
Security Screw
Special Screw
Hexagon Nuts
JIS Screws
Socket and Hex Screw / Tapping Screw / Stainless Steel Wire
Socket and Hex Screw
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