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About Company

KINGSYEAR CO., LTD.was founded in 1998 with the commitment to supply our customers with superior quality tooling. Our quality policy is to continually improve ourselves and exceed our customers’ expectations. Our goal is to create mutual benefits for both our customers and us through hard work and good communications

Our sophisticated equipments including the Wire EDM, Ram EDM, CNC Machining Center, NC Lathe, Grinding Machine, Milling Machine, Engraving Machine, Polishing Machine, etc., are all ready to serve our customers. We can provide precise, consistent, and reliable tooling for machines from National, Sakamura, Nedschroef, Sakamura, Hatebur , Lian Shyang, Chun Zu, and Jern Yao to make parts such as bolts, nuts, and socket wrenches, etc.

If quality is your first concern
If your tooling cost must be cut down
If on-time delivery is important to you
If full technical support is what you expect,

KINGSYEAR is what you need.
Let us become your lifetime partner, and together we will make your business grow beyond your expectations.


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Plants / Machines
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Trimming Dies
Carbide Pins
Tooling For Forming Machine
Carbide Dies
Square Punches, Hexagon Punches
Overseas Factory / Branch
Main Product

Nuts Tapping Machine

Carbide Pins

Tooling For Forming Machine

Carbide Dies

Square Punches, Hexagon Punches

Thread Rolling Die Plates

Trimming Dies

Hex Recess Punches

Multi-station Cold Forming Machine

Wire Drawing Machine

Exhibitions Attended
Exhibition Preview
Carbide Dies, Forming Punches & Pins, Forming Tools
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