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About Company

Lantech Industrial Co.,Ltd was established in 1986,are specialized in manufacturing Induction Heating equipments and Flex Arm tapping machinesspan>.
optimum accuracy, highest efficiency ,excellent after service are always our concept, during the past 25 years.we have already earned excellent reputation from our customers both in Taiwan and in the worldwide:

In 1995, we started to adapt Transistor type induction heating to replace the traditional vacuum tube induction heating , it is amazed that the heating efficiency increase 30~40% , the machine life increase 200% ,but the weight and the volume reduce 100% , this success will be our always pride, in order to look after higher stability and less maintenance ,we have always been investing a lot money and making best efforts to improve the machine design, manufacturing process, measuring and testing process to keep us always on the leadership position in Taiwan .

Our latest transistor type induction heating machines can heat every kinds of materials without contacting the material. It can heat iron, steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, copper, bronze, brass, graphite and many other materials, it has been wildly used in hardening, annealing, tempering, forging, brazing, soldering, melting, shrink fitting, tube welding, inserts of PVC, ABS and many other applications.

In order to satisfy the customers' needs, Lantech Industrial continue to develop machines that yield better functions, less contamination and higher efficiency, and train more high class engineers and technicians to offer the best after service, according to customers' requests, we also supply pneumatic or hydraulic automatic auxiliary equipments for customers choice.
We manufacture Pneumatic ,Electrical and Hydraulic tapping machines Pneumatic machines has the benefits of light weight ,Electrical tapping machine has the benefits of operation safe ,less power consumption ,stable rotation speed and depth control Hydraulic tapp

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Nuts Tapping Machine

Air Tools General

Powered Tools In General

Hydraulic Tools In General

Solid State Induced Heater

Universal Tapping Machine M2~M24

* Large working area (2 Meter radius)

* No tap breakage

* Accurate thread

* Vertical / Angular / Horizontal tapping

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