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About Company

Welcome to Yeu Chyuan Industrial Co., Ltd.
We were established in the year 1988, and our location is in the southern Taiwan. We are a specialized manufacturer / exporter pursuing perfect quality. Our company is approved by ISO 9001 : 2015, and an UL certificated laboratory is founded in the plant. Our main product lines include various types of Hot Melt Glue Guns, for both DIY and industrial applications; Embossing Heat Tools, Hot Fix Applicator Wands, Light Tables, Tracer Projectors, Woodburners, and Candle Warmers for Craft and Hobby applications. All of our products pass many safety standards, such as TUV/GS & CE, UL, CUL, to name just a few. In addition, our factory is fully equipped with automated machinery and facilities ensuring our products capture the highest stability and quality standards.

We are a progressive company dedicated to providing our customers with the excellent quality and service. Not only devoted to offer prompt delivery and reasonable prices, our management team is well experiences and sincere to provide you, our valuable customers, with the best business co-operation and services. Our success is driven by our commitment to achieve the superior customer satisfaction.

Located in Southern Taiwan, Yeu Chyuan is dedicated to production and export of do-it-yourself glue guns and industrial grade glue guns, and provides glue gun OEM service. Yeu Chyuan started off with do-it-yourself glue guns. Later on, it rolled out industrial grade glue guns and temperature-adjustable industrial glue guns. Several years ago the company rolled out glue guns with a dual color handle (hereinafter referred to as “dual color glue guns”). Through continuous improvement the company rolled out the all-new 3rd-generation dual color glue guns. Sales Manager Viola Lin said the dual color glue guns have been sold exceptionally well these years. Now you are in for a treat to learn some of the top features of the new dual guns.

Dual Color Glue Guns, Innovative in Industry
(1) Dual color handle: The industry-leading Yeu Chyuan is the first among its counterparts to implement dual color combinations on handles. The dual color handles are special for the fact that they are a unibody or one-piece construction formed with “twin shot”, a technology that allows the first and second colors to be simultaneously injected and form the handle to make it more visually appealing and defect-free. Yeu Chyuan’s do-it-yourself glue guns support customized color combinations. Clients can designate their preferred logos appearing on the glue guns to differentiate their products from other counterparts when selling to their customers, all at the same cost and expense. Therefore, Yeu Chyuan has become clients’ first choice for glue gun OEM service.
(2) Glue output: Up 30% from the previous generation for faster and more convenient operation.
(3) Extended output nozzle: Allowing use on more compact and limited surfaces. Higher operating precision.
(4) Anti-scald protective sleeve design: The anti-scald nozzle design guarantees users’ operating safety.
(5) Anti-leakage valve: The valve embedded in the nozzle acts like the one in a ball pen to prevent leaking. This non-leaking feature is acclaimed by Yeu Chyuan’s clients.
(6) 100% full inspection: Each of Yeu Chyuan glue guns will have to go through 2 checks, the first one is to check the heating device that heats up glue strips, and the second one is to check the finished product after manufacture.
(7) Warranty and customer service: Yeu Chyuan’s do-it-yourself glue guns support 1-year warranty. The company can provide product defect analyses and analytic reports.

Compliance to International Safety Regulations & Export to Global Markets
Viola said Yeu Chyuan’s glue guns comply with multi-country safety regulations including the American UL, European GS, Arabian SASO, Brazilian INMETRO, and Japanese PSE. “We can reach a monthly capacity of 800 thousand pieces and sell them worldwide including the U.S., Europe, Japan, India, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Mexico, South Korea and Southeast Asia.”

Exclusive Injection Molding Department; Investment in Automated Equipment
Yeu Chyuan spent a great deal on investment and became the first in Taiwan glue guns industry to have its own injection molding department and packaging department. The company can make molds by itself and has 6 production lines which adopt automated components assembling machines and packaging machines to optimize three-men operations to one-man operations. Therefore, Yeu Chyuan can have up to 95% of self-manufacturing capability and shorter lead times to cope with clients’ immediate orders. Viola said Yeu Chyuan has its R&D department and rolls out new products every 2 to 3 years. New products are currently under development and let’s keep up our expectations!

Yeu Chyuan’s contact: Senior Sales Manager Viola Lin...

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