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Chite Enterprises: Fastener Industry Growth is Visible This Year
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Chite Enterprises Co., Ltd is a professional fastener trader with hundreds of clients in the world. All of its products are sold overseas. Chite was established in 1994 and built up a customer base from 5 continents over the last 20 years with general manager Bill Chen's insight and rich experience in the fastener industry. Its export proportion consists of Europe (40%), Latin America (20%), US (10%), and Southeast Asia (10%). Chite is optimistic about the potential of emerging nations and plans to expand business in the Middle East and Eastern Europe.
The recent political and economic conflict between Russia and Ukraine concerns Bill as he has been trading with Ukraine. According to Bill, tension still covers Ukraine so investments and business talks must slow down before situations clear up. Looking at the dramatic change in global market condition, Bill believes thinking globally is the only way to corporate sustainability. Although European and debt and financial crisis left with a few side effects, Chite went around safely and grew steadily by dispersing its market layout. Bill expects stabilized wire price and strong demand from Europe will lead to 10% corporate growth this year.
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