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Industry Activities 

Technology is the Key for Chin Lih Hsing to Cope with Challenges
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       In close collaboration with international auto parts market, excellent machining technologies and experiences, and large scale of company, Chin Lih Hsing Precision Enterprise Co., Ltd. (CLH) supplies various machined and CNC parts for global automotive, photoelectric, household appliances and industrial applications. CLH sells up to 90% of its automotive fasteners to European and American markets, and satisfies customers’ various demands for customized products. Thus far, CLH has been installed with 200 automated mills, 30 CNC lathes, 12 slotting machines and many secondary processing machines. CLH’s monthly production reaches 80 million pieces, which keep the company to supply stable products, quality and prices. 
The R&D Team Directly Led by President
        Under the leadership of President Chien Lee, the technical team is highly specialized in the R&D of products and scheduling the manufacturing procedures. Their powerful manufacturing strength enables them to develop new products and design cost-effective and quality parts for their customers. Excellent technologies, first-rate quality and complete range of services are the reasons that CLH can keep its sustainable growth amongst all precision machined parts manufacturers. Since its inception in 1988 (more than 30 years ago), CLH has been mainly specialized in manufacturing insert nuts, steel plate rivets and brass nuts for plastics. All are made from brass, steel, stainless steel and aluminum, with the outer diameter of up to 40 mm and the length up to 280 mm.
Multiple Quality Control Procedures; A Reliable Brand Trusted in Advanced Markets
        CLH was certified to ISO 9001 in 1997 and was also sequentially certified to QS9000, ISO/TS16949 and IATF16949. The continuous improvements in the quality of products have made CLH become an automotive machined parts manufacturer leaving other competitors far behind. Focusing on serving the advanced markets in Europe and America, CLH adopted strict quality control over the entire manufacturing procedures including material feeding, manufacturing, cleansing, electroplating and sorting (in which 9 sets of automated optical sorting machines were installed). The major diameter, minor diameter, total length, head height, roundness, and shank diameter of finished products will be all inspected. In addition, CLH has introduced projectors, tensile strength testers and hardness machines into its plant to control quality.
Excellent Technology & Best Services
       Considering the growing electric vehicle market, increasing concerns about environmental protection, and stricter regulations on materials management, President Lee said that the whole company must get well prepared in response to such changes. As a result, the company sticks to its management philosophy of “Participation of All Members and Consistent Quality” and continues to provide customers with the optimal solutions, improve and upgrade its supportive measures, and answer any customer’s questions as soon as possible. 
         Products of CLH are admired in the global supply chain with perfect appearances, sophisticated design and amazing durability. According to President Lee, if the company would like to maintain its outstanding growth and achieve sustainable operation on this stringent competition and challenging market, the only way is to continue to improve its professional skills and competitive edges, and accelerate the R&D of new products, which the entire CLH team is now ready to achieve.   
Contact: Ms. Mandy Wang      
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