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Industry Activities 

Courageous Taiwanese Fastener Corporate Manager- Super Cheng Industrial President Joe Cheng
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     When it comes to Super Cheng Industrial President Joe Cheng, he is a corporate manager stemming from electronics into the fastener industry. Super Cheng Industrial has stood for over 38 years in Gangshan District of Kaohsiung City since 1982. It has acquired supplier certificates from renowned Fastenal (U.S.) and Würth (U.S.), becoming one of the trusted high quality suppliers for American fastener purchasers. It has a high market share and reputation in the American automotive, construction and industrial fastener markets, along with over 90% of its product line sold to the U.S. and partially to Europe.
Background in Electronics Lays His Groundwork for Fastener Business Management
     Before entering the fastener industry, Joe used to work for a major Japanese telecommunication company and a Dutch electronics company as their local purchase representative in Taiwan. That was when he witnessed the Japanese well-arranged and prudent corporate management system, learned how the Japanese devote themselves to business, and realized the competitive edge of American and European management system is to make standard and international specifications for all products. This laid the groundwork for him to develop his maverick philosophy of corporate management.
     Joe says he built his English communication and corporate management skills from his experience in the electronics industry. After entering the fastener industry and taking the helm of the family business, he went alone straight to the U.S. and Canada out of courage and dare and found numerous direct clients for Super Cheng Industrial, opening up direct export for his company. When asked if he regrets entering the fastener industry, Joe says “never” because he knows the irreplaceable existence of fasteners as an extremely potential and critical industry that is indispensable to the world.
American/Japanese Management Systems Give Rise to Joe's Quality & Corporate Management Philosophy
     After taking over Super Cheng Industrial, he realized from the American and Japanese management systems that the chaotic management system in conventional industries disrupts normal industry development. Soon he knew his company must catch up with global corporates and he engaged in a series of reform. The three cards he played that changed the fate of the company were: QA-oriented production system, standardization/digitization, personnel training.
     He came to understand that quality is of utmost importance to Super Cheng Industrial. The company’s QA team consists of up to 16 people. Every new employee and supervisor there started from quality assurance. They must take a 2-month training at the QA training center located within the company. The last course before the end of the training is for them to walk around the plant and check the whole manufacturing process, just like an unannounced inspector that can jump out of anywhere to conduct a check. If any data inconsistency is found within any part of the manufacturing process, the inspectors have to troubleshoot and solve problems on site. What Joe wants is to establish a QA system exceeding the level of international quality standards.
     As soon as he took over the company, he drew up a standard operation procedure which, dubbed as the “Bible” for his employees, has been updated daily since 30 years ago and become the cornerstone of employee training. Furthermore, all the data regarding the manufacturing process, inventory, lead time, and purchase orders are displayed on the internal operating system for all employees in the plant to be informed of the latest development. Additionally, Super Cheng Industrial supplies standard and customized parts. Once developed, the customized parts will immediately be standardized into a regular product of the company.
Eradicating Each and Every Blind Spot
     “Managing is to tackle blind spots invisible to others,” stresses Joe. The existence of mobile QA inspectors is to eradicate all blind spots in the manufacturing process. The same mindset is reflected on environment management. The company cleans and sanitizes the whole plant once a week and is rated as one of the most eco-friendly manufacturing plants in Ganshang Industrial Park. Joe also made a substitute system where every employee has an opportunity to fill in for others and train themselves to take on bigger responsibility, ensuring loophole-free customer service.
Joe’s Pocket Strategy Against the Pandemic
     With a background in Economics, Joe is optimistic looking at the rampant pandemic. “There is always rise and fall in economy, so it’s out of the question to say the economy will end up in a total breakdown.” His counterstrategy is to go the opposite way and “stock up” under market contraction. He increases the stock of Class-A items and diversifies his product line. He finds there have been many inquiries and requests for rush order, and figures that the American market demand will see an uptick in the fourth quarter. “We have deployed in advance and made all preparations. We keep the jobs and overtime available for our employees as this pandemic still continues. We still have many talents with more than 20 years of experience and continue to recruit young talents. We are well-equipped with a host of manufacturing and automated equipment, as well as a huge stockpile of materials and finished products, waiting for the uptick in market demand which is when we will go on full throttle!”
Contact person: President Joe Cheng
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