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Industry Activities 

Congrats!! MAC Precision Hardware Relocates to a New Site
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Introduction of International-level Inspection Devices to Create the Best Value for Customers
     Specialized in OEM parts production for higher-end market applications in Europe and USA, Mac Precision Hardware has continuously impressed the industry with steady sales growth and premium customer service. Facing the external challenges in 2020, Mac still achieved a two-digit annual growth. Being optimistic to the gradual recovery of the global market demand and the possible continuation of order intake, Mac has relocated to a new office building in Renwu (Kaohsiung) since December 2020. The floor plan of the new 3-story building of more than 990 sq. m features a well-equipped office, an inspection laboratory, a storage room, as well as a multiple-purpose employee rest room and a garden of more than 660 sq. m. With such a better workplace, more employees, and introduction of more complete equipment, Mac expects that the customer service capabilities of its sales team will be greatly improved and the service quality it provides to customers will be higher.
Customers’ Full Trust is What Keeps Mac Going Forward
     Speaking of the motive of office relocation, general manager Michael Chang said, “over the past couple of years, our sales and number of customers continue to grow. However, our current office leaves no space for further expansion. Considering the long-term development of our company, we then determined to relocate to a new site, which can provide a better work environment for employees in one hand, but also create a more well-established quality control system in another hand. The storage room of the new site can also be used as a transshipment station before products are delivered to customers.”
     Mac offers precision parts 100% manufactured to customers’ drawings and about 90% of them are exported to European and U.S. clients. Around 50% of its products are supplied to the automotive industry, while some others are supplied to, say, fasteners, electronics, machinery, and medical industries. In addition to the manufacturing operations in Taiwan and China, Mac is also working with cooperative plants. It will select the most suitable CNC parts processing plant for respective customer’s product demand, in anticipation of creating the best value for each customer’s product.
Reaching 50% Sales Growth in 2020, Mac Offers Service Based on Its Know-how
     The new laboratory has been also installed with X-ray thickness tester, 3D inspection device, hardness testing instrument, etc. in order to reinforce the inspection of product dimensions and keep strict quality control over customers’ products.
     According to Chang, “What Mac is doing is basically providing service and the best value to our customers. The development of our traditional CNC machining industry cannot depend upon technology and quality only, but, most importantly, has to focus on understanding customers’ needs and help them extend their business reach.  We need customers and vice versa, hence, for so long we have always deemed customers as partners and have been doing whatever we can to fulfil their requests. On the other hand, being both a manufacturer and trader, Mac has our own technique, and we also have a wide knowledge of strengths, manufacturing costs, and prices of our cooperative plants, so we can keep good quality control at all times, which is also the reason that made us achieve the 2-digit sales growth even amid the pandemic in 2020. We would never tell our customers that our price is the lowest, but would do our best to find the best balance between quality and price for them and help them with market expansion.”
The Bull Market Would Return and Mac is Already Well-Prepared!
     With many overseas customers being running out of stock and various industry sectors gradually report increasing demands, most plants in Taiwan and China have appeared a sign of significant sales growth since Q4 2020. Forecasting the market development in 2021, Chang said, “I’m optimistic that we should expect to see a very positive growth.”
     He added, “Our current orderbook has been scheduled through 2021. Plus, the uprising prices of global raw materials also reflect the growing market demands. We are confident that, with the better workplace and our capable team, we can continue to become an irreplaceable partner of our customers from different countries and cultures.”
Contact: General Manager Michael Chang    
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