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Industry Activities 

Hisener Industrial Co., Ltd. New Plant to be Completed in August
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Elevated Capacity in 2021 
     Hisener mainly provides screws. In the last two years it exported a total of 87 thousand tons of screws, up 17%. Now it has become one of the biggest fastener suppliers in the world, offering clients over 4 thousand types of fasteners sold to Europe (35%), Russia (25%), the U.S.(20%) and South America (15%). It also works with overseas distributors and provides clients with prompt service and premium products, including Timber Screws which sell well in the European DIY market.
     It has its own screw factory, packaging line for DIY products and a warehouse. The company can pack 50 containers of products per month. It uses heading machines, thread rolling machines, thread cutting machines, drill forming machines and other equipment purchased from Taiwan. It has dimension measuring instruments, metallurgy analyzers, mechanical testers and surface analyzers in its laboratory for quality inspection to control product quality.
     In our interview with General Manager Simon Liang, he brought good news that a new plant broke ground last September and is expected to be completed this August. The new plant will be 26,000 square meters and raise screw capacity to 1,500 tons per month, lifting Hisener to a higher market position.
Over a Hundred Select Partnering Firms - Strict Quality Control
     The company has 150 partnering firms carefully chosen to help speed up delivery and send products to buyers faster. It offers inventory specifically for Chinese clients so that they can get their cargoes quicker when their demand is urgent.
     All the production process is certified to ISO9001 and re-audited and adjusted every year to strictly monitor and control each production process via a digitalized ERP system. It is also certified to CE EN14592 on structural fasteners and CE EN 14566 on mechanical fasteners, and therefore its products are popular among European clients.
Going for Smart Factory - Improved Price Competitiveness
     Simon wants to build his company into a futuristic smart factory. Ever since he adopted an automatic inventory system, the company has successfully integrated the whole production process, which greatly reduces logistics costs and improves operating efficiency of the plant to make products more competitive. “We will continue to go further down the fastener industry and invest more in R&D, production, and DIY product packaging. We always put our clients first and continuously offer them better service to add up their values.”
Contact: General Manager Simon Liang                 
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