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Industry Activities 

Shen Shan International Glide Mfg. Corp.- Plastic Injection Molding Product Sales up 30%
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     Shen Shan started manufacturing furniture accessories in the 80’s and has expanded into medical, sports, machine and hardware industries. Its main products are plastic injection molding products. The hot sellers include various sizes of tube inserts in round, square and other shapes, diverse shapes and sizes of knobs, as well as glides commonly used on furniture. Demand for handles has surged for the past year.  The company offers adjustable clamping handles and handles for aluminum tubes available in different lengths. The 215S U-shaped handle in particular is designed by the owner himself and filed for a patent. The company is confident it will be able to increase capacity and overseas order intake by 20% to 30%.
Pandemic Drives Medical & Sports Components Demand
     The new norm arising from the pandemic boosts medical demand that further pushes the sales of knobs and casters by Shen Shan. The pandemic also gives rise to consumers’ habit of indoor exercises, therefore increasing the demand for sports utility components. This, in Shen Shan’s perspective, is enough to influence component manufacturing, and in the long run will change the whole sport-related industries.
ISO 9001 Certified Quality; Dedicated Department for Customized Dies
     The company acquired the quality certificate in 2018 for domestic and overseas clients who highly regard quality and international certification. It passes on the principles of standardized operation to its employees. Additionally, since dies play a critical role in injection molding, a dies department was established to ensure product stability, high quality and prompt delivery. With sophisticated dies processing equipment, senior dies engineers and technicians, the company can customize ideal dies for clients. The dies department is the key to providing high quality and diverse customized products that reduce R&D costs and time for clients.
Confronting the Global Challenge for Mankind;“Chance Favors the Prepared Mind”
     “COVID-19 resulted in reduced flights and a shortage of available containers. Our president presses on with his ‘proactive measures’ to make sure each accessory and work section is in place in time. We can also provide assistance for clients looking to shorten lead time and reserve ships early.” Some components originally to be exported by China were halted because of the pandemic and lockdown. Many clients were in urgent need of new suppliers and found Shen Shan having diverse products and stable production. With a bi-lingual (Chinese/English) website and a complete online product listing, a crisis turned into an opportunity for Shen Shan to increase customer sources seamlessly.
     The company is a regular exhibitor to Taiwan International Tools Show where it gets to know more partners and get a grasp on the latest industry trend. “We guarantee to continue developing more advanced products to satisfy client and market demands. For long, transcendence has not been easy. Even if we are taking small steps, we will stick to innovation and continue growing.”
Contact: Ms. Vera Du
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