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Industry Activities 

Taiwan-made Electric/Pneumatic Hand Tools with an 80% Customer Return Rate- Novumtec
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Taiwan Quality, Global Supply
     Located in West District of Taichung City (Central Taiwan) for over 40 years. Novumtec Eurasian Associated Co. produces 100% of its products in Taiwan and supplies hand tools such as screwdrivers, magnetic nut setters and so on. Perfect supervision at every stage of the manufacturing process and finished products. No matter what country the order comes from, whether it is from a trader, agent or OEM, the company can do its best to cooperate and go all out to satisfy customers for any diffcult or special needs. It is globally known for service quality and exports assorted products through agents and direct sales to Australia, Canada, UK, France, the U.S., Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, as well as Southeast Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia, India, etc.
Independent R&D, Tailor-made Products
     Novumtec’s products have extended to various industry fields. In addition to electric tool accessories, the company is good at customized products. According to different customer needs, we are confident that we can cooperate with customers in the shortest time, provide customized samples, and provide competitive prices. We have developed adjustable drill bits for woodworking, as well as angle drivers, and will continue our plan to develop new products in the future.”
DIN/ISO Standard and Product Stability
     The company is equipped with multiple gages and inspection equipment such as Rockwell hardness testers, torque testers and projectors to ensure that every product meets the standard. The products by Novumtec go through a series of inspection before shipment and have higher quality and stability compared with common products on the market. Whether used in furniture, home appliances, decoration, automobile assembly or other industrial purposes, the products can improve work efficiency. Its stable quality and competitive prices make its products deeply appreciated and trusted by customers, and the repurchase rate of general customers is as high as 80% after use.
Global Vision, Business Expansion
     Looking ahead, the strategy for Novumtec is eyeing the global market. An enterprise must have a global vision. Limiting to a single region is not enough for survival in this environment and rivaling with other companies. Novumtec will grasp any chances to access business. At present, its goal is still to maintain product quality and stability, which is unchangeable. Novumtec has been treating clients with stable quality and integrity, and hopes that every cooperation can make customers and the company a win-win and satisfactory transaction.
Contact: Rax Huang
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