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Industry Activities 

Thousands of Hardware Available for Supply- CHANG BING Collaborates with Customers to Create Business Opportunities
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     Dedicated to household, construction, and DIY hardware industries for many years, Chang Bing Enterprise Co., Ltd. is specialized in production of OEM and customized hardware made from carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, plastics, and zinc alloy. With its strong R&D ability and first-rate processing technology, it continues to extend its marketing footprints to Europe, America, Australia, Japan, and many other advanced markets. In particular, when its 2nd generation joined the company in 2009, sales of Chang Bing have been also turned to a new chapter with a brighter future.
     Initiating its business as a hook manufacturer, Chang Bing mainly manufactures cup hooks, screw eyes, O.C.L. screws, clothes hanger hook, hanger bolt, scaffold eye bolt, gate hook and eye for wooden constructions; household S hooks, photo frame hardware, hardwall picture hook, curtain wire hook and eye, picture pins, zinc alloy wardrobe & towel rail fixture, robe hooks, door & window hardware; eye bolts, U bolts, J bolts, camping nail, plastic anchors, and many other fastening parts, stamping parts, hand tool, which are all essential tools for it to develop the global market.
     Complying with the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system and introducing the new Swiss-type CNC lathe & mill technology, Chang Bing continues to expand its product portfolio, improve product precision, reinforce the R&D of dies, and simultaneously integrate in-plant automated/semi-automated production lines (incl. quality control and packaging), in order to achieve excellent yield, precision, and lead time. Thus far, it has successfully developed over 100 series and more than 1,000 sizes compliant with European, U.S., and Japanese standards, and has even extended to the development of industrial parts, automotive/motorbike parts, bike parts, sports utilities parts, and medical parts, which are approved by customer’s production part approval process III.  Its ability to accept mass production or low-volume-and-diverse-categories orders and offer customized packaging service not only creates lots of expectable possibilities for collaborative customers, but also reveals Chang Bing’s critical “flexibility” advantage to continuously stand out in such a fierce market competition.
     With 4 decades of experience, Chang Bing does not only satisfy customers’ demands for hardware, but also take on a commitment to customers to create business opportunities and sustainable growth together. Inside the company, Chang Bing adopts strict norms to ensure accurate product quality and production line control. Outside the company, it attaches much importance to long-term collaboration with customers and is always working actively with customers in order to create higher market share and value competitiveness of products. Many customers once collaborated with Chang Bing said, “Not only the performance of Chang Bing’s team always exceeds customers’ expectation, but also its leading service deserves appreciation throughout the industry.”
Contact: Ms. Lin   
Chang Bing
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