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     Fastener Fair CONNECT is the first online marketplace and digital business platform unifying Fastener Fair shows worldwide. Fastener Fair Stuttgart, Fastener Fair Italy, Fastener Fair Mexico, Fastener Fair USA and Fastener Fair India are joining forces to provide a unique networking event targeting the global fastener and fixing industry. The digital event, scheduled to take place from 17-18 November 2021, will offer a comprehensive programme for trade professionals, including virtual product showcases, expert webinars and interactive matchmaking opportunities.
Fastener Fair CONNECT offers a three-in-one experience:
SOURCE: Virtual Stands and Product Showcases
     The Exhibitor Directory offers an easy starting point to discover fastener and fixing manufacturers and suppliers. The virtual stands will allow attendees to access exhibitor information, including product details, corporates videos, and much more. In addition, product showcases will provide a detailed sourcing directory for products and services.
NETWORK: Matchmaking and Virtual Meetings
     Upon registration, participants will be prompted to select their desired product categories and interests. A matchmaking system will combine the information chosen to help buyers connect with relevant suppliers by pairing contacts with compatible profiles. Attendees will be able to send contact requests and pre-schedule meetings with the right supplier before the event.
LEARN: Webinar sessions on the latest industry and technology trends
     Through the collaboration with international key partners and industry associations, Fastener Fair CONNECT will shape a webinar programme addressing the current challenges faced by the fastener and fixing supply chain. Industry experts will cover the sector's trending topics and provide valuable insights into the latest developments for fastener and fixing technologies.
Please get in touch with the event team for enquiries:
Fastener Fair Team
Tel.: +44 (0)1727 814 522
Link to use for website:
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