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Industry Activities 

DICHA “Zinc Alloy Expansion Anchor” Best Construction Product Against Rust & Corrosion
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   Founded in the 80s and a long-standing professional maker in Taiwan, Dicha Fasteners Mfg is the name that is naturally associated with zinc alloy expansion anchor when the local people speak of this product. Whether it is furniture hanging, electric and water facility parts hanging, or fastening doors and windows, people would most often find traces of Dicha’s anchors products. With a thorough knowledge of safety in application, Dicha is very careful with the use of materials. It can provide clients with advice on product strength and optimized size prior to product development, thereby saving them material costs. One of its biggest strengths is reaching the balance between safety and cost.
Rust & Corrosion Resistant “Zinc Alloy Expansion Anchor” Mainly Targeting the U.S. & Europe
     Dicha zinc alloy expansion anchor in conjunction with screws can be used in high-load hanging for concrete or brick walls. It is best suited for professionals and DIYers. This type of anchors are both rust and corrosion resistant, showcasing a strength better than average screws in a humid environment. The biggest challenge of developing this anchor is the dies. Master the dies’ passage design and the knowledge of air venting, then you’d have already completed 80% of total development. The remaining 20% is adjusting material quality and machine parameters. These factors will affect the appearance and strength of the final product, and the proportions for feeding new and used materials have to be just right so as not to change machine properties. Additionally, Dicha's pre-embedding concrete anchors are early embedded during concrete pouring. When the concrete dries, the inner threads on the exposed end are used for fastening screws or hanging concrete blocks. These anchors provide the indispensable support for construction work.
MES + ERP = A Leap in Manufacturing Process
     The company has accumulated nearly 40 years of experience in dies development. It is confident that the products’ strength is above par, and it has become a long-time partner with the top players of global construction hardware industries. Dicha has standardized product quality and procedures, introducing MES which is integrated with the existing ERP system which handles operation management. The company uses MES to collect real-time information in the manufacturing area and support the management of manufacturing procedure regarding all the details of the factory. This dual integrated system makes it convenient for the company to deploy resources with precision, reduce low-value-add activities’ negative effect on factory operation, improve the manufacturing procedure, and increase production efficacy.
Engaging in Community Empowerment and Expanding Investment
     Dicha is headquartered in a town surrounded by farms in Lukang (Central Taiwan) where young people have migrated out leaving the town with many older people. The company will take its social responsibility to set up an ESG unit this year. The unit will serve to improve the lives of the elderly and provide them with medical/health care, disaster/crime prevention, and deliver meals to elderly people living alone, so that they stay in the community that they are familiar with for the remaining life, thereby fulfilling community empowerment. It hopes to be an example for more local business owners to invest in corporate social responsibility.
     Furthermore, the company launched a domestic investment expansion plan where it had purchased a land in Zhangbin Industrial Park which will house the second and third automated manufacturing plants expected to be completed by 2024. The plants will cut the lead time for clients, reduce work load for employees, create a better work environment, and achieve smart manufacturing to upgrade Taiwan’s zinc alloy die casting industry.
Contact: Gavin Chang, Manager    
Zinc Alloy Expansion Anchor
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Industry Activities