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Farewell to Loosening/ Breakage/Seizure. MOTIONTITE Open for Contract Manufacture
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One Bolt, Three Hassles Handled
     MOTIONTITE is a high-performance bolt able to eliminate loosening, breakage, and seizure —the three hassles with threads— all at once by just fastening it the way you would do with an average bolt. It comprises thread crests made slightly inclined to the bearing surface and a large R shape at the thread roots. The threads bend when fastened and then a force restores them back just like a spring to create strong loosening resistance. Additionally, the flexible threads spread out the stress on the thread roots evenly to increase fatigue strength by 20% and therefore never break upon high vibration load. Further, the male thread crests slowly make contact with the female threads to suppress friction-inflicted thermal expansion, so there is no seizure with MOTIONTITE despite being a stainless steel bolt. MOTIONTITE has great performance, operability, reusability and cost effectiveness. Further cost reduction is achieved with threads applied with adhesives.
Looking for Contract Manufacturers for MOTIONTITE
     The Japanese company Art Screw started domestic sales of MOTIONTITE in 2014 and has now extended its use to motorcycle engine, satellite, semiconductor manufacturing device, wind power, cutting tool, motor, medical application, etc. The owner, Kou, thought to try sales in Europe but couldn’t keep inventory because, unlike nuts, bolts have a variety of types. That’s where he begins to seek overseas contract manufacturers for MOTIONTITE.
     Now he is seeking 2 companies each from the U.S., Europe and China that can manufacture and sell MOTIONTITE. Art Screw will ask for monthly royalty (minimum monthly royalty is USD 1,000) but will not take contract payment. Kou can provide the dies at a price of USD400-900 depending on size as well as the ring gages, MOTIONTITE samples and data. He welcomes those who are interested.
     Same with making average threads, MOTIONTITE’s threads are made with flat thread rolling dies, so it’s easy to set up by matching the thread pitch, and maintain high precision and quality using specified ring gages. Same with average threads, MOTIONTITE’s underhead and outer diameters have the same tolerance range, and a strength performance up to the ISO standard that motivates many Japanese leading companies to purchase.
New Products Coming up
     Kou is planning to sell socket set screws in 2023 which are able to prevent loosening thanks to MOTIONTITE’s thread evolution. They can be fastened the way you would do with average screws. He is also planning to release a thread with a new shape in 2023 enabling weight reduction by the downsizing from the M12 bolt to the M10 bolt and from the M10 bolt to the M8 bolt achieved by combining a high-strength material with MOTIONTITE.
Contact: Mr. Kou Matsubayashi
Art Screw
high performance bolt
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