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Industry Activities 

Heads up, Americas! SUNCO INDUSTRIES Launches English Purchase Support
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     The mass distributor of JIS/Metric fasteners from Japan is going full steam ahead to reach out to the world market. After Fastener World’s exclusive coverage on Sunco Industries tapping into Europe, the company is taking a step further to cater to the Americas customers. “ ‘There are no fasteners that we don’t have in stock.’ We are conveying this message through the media and we’d want Europe, the Americas and even the world to know us more. That’s why we’re working on English support and on-screen USD price display for global customers. We want them to feel close with us.”
     The Americas customers use a lot of Japanese machines, especially machine tools and electrical products which require JIS and Metric fasteners for maintenance. The scarcity in the supply of such fasteners overseas has kept local importers away and creates a hurdle against obtaining those fasteners. That’s where Sunco Industries steps in with “3Q-Net”, a now full English-support purchasing interface for overseas customers’ access and convenience. “We’re now bringing Japanese quality fasteners to the Americas and everywhere on the planet. We’re convinced that our know-how and service level will satisfy customers as we expand into Americas.”
“We could have the products you want. Just name it.”
     What characterizes the company as a strong fastener source is having over 1,200 collaborative Japanese suppliers, 1.4 million types of JIS/Metric fasteners, and 200 thousand instant-delivery items in stock. “We can serve as your warehouse to help you expand sales. We can even deliver just a single piece of screw if you want. We’re also reaching out to Americas wholesalers to build a long-term and trustworthy partnership.”
     The company’s logistics center in east Osaka, the industrial heartland of Japanese fasteners, is enabled with automated Rotary Rack technology to make for the world’s largest warehousing capacity. It is scheduled for implementing a cutting-edge system utilizing graphic processing to achieve ultra-speed delivery to the Americas and elsewhere.
     The products recommended for Americas are Pitakku Screw (thin-head, gap-free and space-saving screw for plate width down to 0.1mm), patented Eight Lock Washer (with inclined bearing surface design to provide loosening resistance), Micro Screws for smart phone assembly, branded screws, Sunco-exclusive space-saving screws, anti-theft screws and assorted construction screws with versatile material, size and surface treatment options. RoHS and other evidence documents are available upon request.
English Corporate Website Coming up Yearend
     “Not just our purchase portal ‘3Q-Net’, we’re glad to tell you that our whole corporate website will support English display by yearend. We’ll be making a huge announcement so be sure to check in on us.” Sunco Industries is looking for partners and making it simple for purchases from overseas. “Call out for Sunco Industries if you can’t find what you are looking for. It’s what we are here for.”
Contact: Mr. Tomokazu Takada
Pitakku Screw
U.S. market
English website
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