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Industry Activities 

New Plant! “Three Seconds Fastener” Developer- Guangdong Yangjiang Honghui Metal Technology
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Top Self-drilling Screw Company in Guangdong
     With performance featuring the “Three Seconds” tagline, Honghui’s stainless steel and carbon steel screws can resist corrosion and rust, and by design, the quality is monitored right from the manufacturing process for clients’ sake. Therefore, Honghui has made its reputation in the fastener industry and sells not only nationwide but also globally to Asia, Europe, Latin America and many more.
   For 20 years, this fastener company has been dedicated to developing and manufacturing self-drilling screws. It is one of the first expert manufacturers and developers of self-drilling screws in China. Besides, it manufactures and sells various types of fastener products, providing high-end clients with premium service. Now it is the top manufacturer of self-drilling screws in Guangdong.
One-stop Fastener Service Tailored to Self-drilling Screws
     In 2021, Honghui completed a new plant which marks a new milestone for its business. The new plant is located in Yinling Technology Industrial Park in Jiangcheng District of Yangjiang City in Guangdong, only a little more than 10 kilometers away from Yangjiang High-speed Railway Station, providing convenient access by traffic. The new plant spans 80,000 square meters and has over 200 pieces of elaborately designed production and inspection equipment. In the plant is a professional team of over 300 people who perform round checks and final product inspection in compliance to ISO 9001 quality system to manufacture GB, DIN, AS3566, ANSI, JIS and BS standard compliant products.
     Through a manufacturing process including heading, wire drawing, annealing, threading, heat treatment, electroplating, washer assembling, packaging and shipping, Honghui provides clients with one-stop fastener service. It can also design and manufacture various self-drilling and self-tapping screws per clients’ requests. Currently it can manufacture up to more than 20,000 tons of high quality carbon steel and stainless steel self-drilling screws annually.
Top-of-the-class Drive Speed & Sharpness
     “On the path of development, we adhere to the guideline of 'quality for survival and reputation for growth'”. We continue to enhance our corporate structure and we have acquired CNAS, ISO9001 and IAF certificates. We continue to pursue technical advancement and devote ourselves in self-drilling screw development. We have successfully developed self-drilling screws with high drive speed and sharp blades. The drive speed and sharpness exceed those of ordinary self-drilling screws made by conventional die punching.”
     With excellent design, production and a complete after-sale system, Honghui has built a huge client pool domestic and abroad since its inception in 1999. “We will continue to strive for mutual gains and client satisfaction. We hope to continuously grow while having the strong support of many clients, and we want to position ourselves as the top self-drilling screw manufacturing expert in China to contribute our forces to the prosperity of global fastener industry!”
Contact: Mr. Tao Tsai
Guangdong Yangjiang Honghui Metal Technology
Three Seconds Fastener
new plant
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