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Industry Activities 

CYUN HONG- The Casters Manufacturer Supporting the Wheel of Industrial Development
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     Cyun Hong Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a professional industrial-use casters manufacturer in Taiwan. It is headquartered in Taichung City and has two branches in Taoyuan and Kaohsiung. It manufactures casters mainly made from TPR rubber, PU, nylon, or other high-temperature resistant and electricity conductive rubber. The specifications it can currently offer fall within 1.5”-8”. If customers need bespoken service, it is also able to provide necessary service in the R&D of unique spec. products. 
Wide Applications and Trustable Unit Certified Quality
     As Cyun Hong’s products are comprehensively used in equipment fabrication, conventional machinery, electronics, logistics, and food processing industries, which, compared to others, tend to be more stringent in quality requirements, Cyun Hong already had its products delivered to the third party units for SGS and RoHS tests years ago and has successfully gained the certificates for their loading ability and any relevant parameters that are likely to influence performance of products such as materials, speed, temperature resistance. For certain product categories, if customers need, it can also provide data about durability or service life of products.
     “With the approval of certification units along with official reports, our customers can rest assured to use our products, which is also the mission statement of our operation,” Cyun Hong said.
Optimization Aided by Software Analyses to Respond to Market Demands and Trends
     Innovative design has been always one of the main reasons that Cyun Hong wins global customers’ admiration. In order to achieve better high product quality, Cyun Hong introduced CAE software in R&D to modify, analyze, and optimize design on one hand, and dedicated to the collaboration with relevant academic units to get research results obtained from their professional devices on the other hand, continuously optimizing products to respond to market demands and quality standards. 
     “Through the use of CAE and collaboration with the academia, we are able to stay connected to the development of the ever-changing market and accelerate the release of new products. We also devote ourselves to continuous improvement and innovation and develop patented structural design to enhance the added value of products and make our new product R&D quicker with less effort. For example, the bearings we use allow smoother operation and better loading ability during rolling or turning and the initiating effort resistance can be also reduced, creating a more labor-saving result for users,” said Cyun Hong.
     Cyun Hong’s customers are mainly from the semi-conductor, automated equipment, traditional machinery, electronics, logistics, as well as food processing, sports utilities, game consoles, aerospace, glass processing, butchery, catering industries, etc. In the future it also plans to develop more overseas customers and establish close collaborative approaches to promote the use of its high quality casters in more international markets.
Cyun Hong contact: Mr. Chien-Hung Chen
Cyun Hong
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