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Industry Activities 

October Highlights: Chinmore & Haiyan Yousun Enterprise (Linkfast)
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     Chinmore expands production and components market, up 30%. Linkfast’s wholly-owned Haiyan Yousun Enterprise breaches tariff barriers. The cover stories this month introduce precision parts winner Chinmore and rising star Haiyan Yousun Enterprise. Take a look into how Chinmore achieves client loyalty and high rating through 3-in-1 tactic and 4 strengths, becoming the top player of electronic components and precision machining and heading to a new frontier with business expansion, and how Haiyan Yousun Enterprise achieves low tax rate to breach EU’s 86.5% AD tax wall laid upon other Chinese fastener companies, capturing clients’ hearts with 3 business pillars and creating overseas opportunities in the midst of challenges.
Orders up 30%! Chinmore Goes All Out for Precision Parts
     With the ability to design, manufacture, export, implement vertical integration and provide one-stop production, Chinmore Industry secures electronic/automotive communication market shares and gains clients’ trust. It has become a reputable company in the domestic and overseas electronic parts industry as well as a professional in Taiwan specialized in CNC machined precision parts.
     In its 25 years of history, the company manufactures and supplies high-frequency antenna components as well as various precision parts made of iron, copper, steel, stainless steel, and PTFE. The company can process parts of diameters ranging from Ø1 to Ø42mm, and lengths from 0.5 to 150mm, within 0.005mm tolerance, offering OEM and ODM service for high-end markets including Taiwan, Europe, the U.S. and Japan. It can supply products in separate batches to help reduce inventory, providing flexible service in accordance with clients’ needs.
Craftsmanship + Nomura Equipment + Strict Quality Check
3-in-1 Tactic Brings High Customer Ratings
     “Reputation is backed by quality” is a motto held true by Chinmore that earned CE, RoHS, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certificates. Chinmore is strict with itself the way like a Japanese craftsman would treat himself. Its manufacturing plant uses composite CNC machine tools from Nomura (Japan) for higher precision and stable quality, better and unified management of parts, stable production, short lead times and high customizability to satisfy clients. It can also cope with rush orders.
     Clients will provide drawings, sizes and requests for special specifications for engineers and technicians to see if the manufacture is possible, and the company will provide suggestions for production. Samples will be provided to clients for confirmation before mass-producing and this fulfills tailored service. Quality inspection on par with clients’ standards will be performed with auto 3D projectors before shipment. “Trust the professionals and place your orders to Chinmore” is the words by many clients rating Chinmore.
Positive for Overseas Sales Growth; Continuously Purchasing Equipment
     Last year Taiwan was in the middle of exploding number of orders from abroad. Overseas demand has boosted the company’s sales by 30%. Soon Taiwan will lift border barriers by a larger scale. The company is fully prepared to embrace overseas demand and begin to attend exhibitions abroad this year to develop markets in the U.S. and Europe with 100% efforts.
     To cope with precision parts demand from the U.S. and Europe, the company has already purchased 3 manufacturing machines. It will still continue to purchase new equipment to expand capacity. Currently in Europe, Chinmore’s sales have reached Spain, Germany, Czech Republic and other countries. In the future it will continue to develop dies and add industry-leading advanced machines to become the quality benchmark of the industry.
Contact: Mandy Wang  
Wholly-owned Haiyan Yousun Enterprise Breaches Tariff Barriers
     Using 10B21 and C1022 among other materials, Linkfast manufactures and exports timber fixing screws, decking screws, Advanced Multi-Purpose Woodscrews and other various high quality fasteners, hitting a maximal overseas sales record of USD 200 million just within several years. It ships over 7,500 twenty-feet containers to the world and has over 500 overseas clients, including Würth, Bufab, Eurobolt and other iconic companies. Now, Linkfast is taking the business to the next level with its new factory!
Only 39.6% AD Rate 
Haiyan Yousun Enterprise Goes Full Steam for Global Export
     In 2020, Haiyan Yousun Enterprise wholly-owned by Linkfast launched production to cope with the EU AD tax. With 71 sets of equipment and a capacity of 500 tons, the factory mainly manufactures chipboard screws (M3.5*16-M3.5*50, M4*16-M4*70, M5*20-M5*120, 6*20-M6*200), timber fixing screws (M3.5-M10, length in reference to chipboard screws), drywall screws, self-drilling screws and so on.
     Yousun has a standard QC lab. Equipped with coating thickness gauges, projectors, hardness testers, torsion testers, salt spray testers, a metallographic lab and tension testers, Yousun becomes the latest addition to Linkfast in global sales expansion. By ISO and CE certificates, Linkfast and Haiyan Yousun Enterprise ensure the manufacturing process reaches high quality level of the industry and meets the purchasing demands from global clients. “The certificates define our high professionality and reputation that we acquired in the fastener field. We expect ourselves not only to be a fastener’s supplier but also to create opportunities for clients to develop their markets and brands by our stable supply,” said General Manager George Yu.
     In contrast to many other fasteners’ companies who are subject to up to 86.5% AD rate imposed by EU, Haiyan Yousun Enterprise breaks this bottleneck with only 39.6% rate. Based on high quality products, competitive price and customized service, Yousun will no doubt bring a breakthrough and new era for Linkfast in revenues and sales from Europe and overseas, as well as in quality and volume upgrade! It is also a crucial step for Linkfast to scale up supply to the industry, construction and home improvement markets.
Profession! R&D! Dedication!  3 Pillars Consolidating Linkfast Business
     So far Linkfast has been a multi-time entrant in the ranking of top fastener exporting companies in Jiaxing. “For 15 years, we have been solely dedicated to manufacturing fasteners. We have a powerful R&D team who develop new products with clients, and listen carefully to each client’s needs. Dedication is the very essence that captures the hearts of clients. “I sincerely welcome clients to Haiyan Yousun Enterprise and Linkfast which I believe will make a wonderful impression on them,” said George.
     His determination in his leadership raised him to the position of executive vice-Chairman of Zhejiang Province and Chairman of Jiaxing Fastener Association. “Jiaxing is the heartland of China fasteners. I’m glad to share our success in fasteners, and I’ll do my best to make our fastener industry healthier and help it go further!”
Contact: General Manager George Yu     
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