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Industry Activities 

FIXI Adds New Product Lineup for 2023
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     Supplying Italian high quality threaded inserts, blind rivets, clinching fasteners, welding studs, self-tapping threaded inserts, wire inserts, brass and stainless steel inserts and studs, Fixi is dedicated to fasteners for sheet metals, plastics and solid components.
     Kicking off 2023, Fixi is sharing with Fastener World Magazine readers a recently introduced new complete line of presses for self-clinching fasteners. The presses are available in different models in terms of power, automated feeding system and other optional accessories. Fixi customers will not only find a complete range of self-clinching fasteners, but will also have the option of choosing the press that best suits their installation needs. Furthermore, Fixi has recently added new products to the range: inserts for marble and for composite materials increasingly used in the automotive industry. They count on completing their catalogue dedicated to these new items and increasing stock in their warehouse in the short term.
     Then in March 2023 at Fastener Fair Global in Stuttgart, Fixi will highlight the new inserts for marble and composite materials among various fasteners in its range. They exhibit at many fairs, even up to eight in one year. Since 2022 they have already been planning and organizing their participation in 2023 trade shows. For the upcoming sheet metal working fairs, Fixi will definitely present the new presses in all available models and sizes. Another important milestone is the Fixi Lab, a product testing laboratory, and among many inspection instruments purchased throughout the years, Fixi now also has Fischer scope instruments designed to measure coating thickness.
     Overviewing the market, Fixi found their situation in Europe has turned out to be much better than expected. Turnover breakdown shows there has been an increase in orders and volumes, regardless of the war in Europe and the price increase which could have caused a downturn in sales. That shall give them the best shot at scoring great records as the future unfolds!
Contact: Maurizio Mora
new product lineup
Italian manufacturer
threaded inserts
blind rivets
clinching fasteners
welding studs
self-tapping threaded inserts
wire inserts
brass and stainless steel inserts and studs
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