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Industry Activities 

Homn Reen Enterprise - Facility & Capacity Upgrade in Taiwan and Vietnam Plants
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Higher Production Speed and Production Value
     With nearly 40 years of history, Homn Reen has made a reputation on construction fasteners. They deliver about 2,500-3,000 tons of fasteners per month to domestic and overseas customers via a total of 320 sets of equipment in Taiwan and Vietnam plants. They used to manufacture using one-die two-punch machines. To provide products of higher values, general manager Jack Lin spent NTD 200 million in upgrading equipment in both plants starting from 2021, replacing old equipment with multi-punch machines. The upgraded plants have at least doubled production capacity and speed. In addition, Jack extends the range of workable screw sizes to 4mm-400mm. He believes many emerging countries can already provide low-price low-end products and it pushes Taiwan fastener industry to shift to higher-end products to bring elevated values to customers.
Spanning from Construction to Automotive Industry
     Certified to IATF16949, Homn Reen has successfully improved the production system and employees’ quality awareness; therefore, overseas customers, mostly repeat customers, are much satisfied with Homn Reen’s automotive fasteners. Currently the company has made it into Tier-2 supply chains. Additionally, they have the oil and gas filtration system installed on the production line to meet the environmental requirements on manufacturing automotive fasteners. Spanning to the automotive field of higher quality criteria is an integral part in Homn Reen’s transformation to higher product values.
Carbon Inventory in Progress to Cope with CBAM
     Given EU’s CBAM which will be run on a trial basis and then officially take effect in the future, they took action early and embarked on internal education on carbon reduction with the help of experts. Besides implementing 5S workplace management system to improve efficiency and ensure quality, they are in the process of carbon inventory and taking steps toward carbon footprint and carbon neutrality. They also invested NTD 10 million to install 2,315 square meters of solar panels on Taiwan plant to contribute to global carbon reduction by generating green power. They will continue to increase solar panels whenever they have additional space.
Southeast Asia Becomes a Hot Spot for Procurement
Vietnam Plant Brims with Potential
     In recent years, the geopolitical factors in Asia have turned many European and American buyers’ attention to Taiwanese and Southeast Asian suppliers, driving Homn Reen's development in Vietnam. According to Jack, both Taiwan and Vietnam plants provide the same products. The 104,132 square meters Vietnam plant in particular has a large young workforce, large manufacturing capacity, and the advantage of providing one-stop shopping. With mutual support between the two plants, Homn Reen can provide high quality products at competitive prices to global customers.
"Find your market position. Make it teamwork, not a cut-throat battle."
     "We have been manufacturing high quality and diverse products in small quantities. Our clients spread across all continents, so we took very little impact from the pandemic and we are still consistently shipping worldwide," recalls Jack. "There’s no definite need to become an industry leader, but it is necessary to find your own industry position. Fastener companies should collaborate to compete like it is a race, not like a boxing match where it’s either you or the opponent down. Make it teamwork. You’ll need luck. You’ll also need to help yourself out and someone else to help you. I hope we can all work together and carry forward Taiwan’s spirit. Jack's closing remarks will provide good guidance for readers, and we look forward to the bright future for Homn Reen.
Contact: Susan Su, Sales Representative    
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