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Industry Activities 

Ningbo World Broad Hardware & Electrical- 27,000m2 Production Line Launches Production This Year
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     World Broad integrates R&D, design, production and sales. It processes, manufactures and sells high-end construction anchors, non-standard and customized fasteners, high-strength bolts, automotive bolts, railway bolts, ship bolts, etc., providing clients with specialized and customized production (OEM / ODM). With more than 20 years of experience, it helps clients solve all sorts of fastener problems and succeeds in pushing sales into North America, Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia and other places. Now it works with clients from the top 500 enterprises as well as industry leaders.
Continuously Increasing Capacity
     Since its founding, World Broad has been expanding production lines and introducing automated fastener manufacturing equipment. Right now it has advanced cold forging machines, threading machines, high-speed automated punching machines, CNC machines, automated assembling machines, etc. The annual capacity has reached over 5,000 tons.
     In addition to offering large capacity, the company can provide customized packaging, including bulk, small box, plastic box, bag, and blister packaging to meet various packaging needs from clients (including supermarkets).
Multi-certified Quality System
     To World Broad, production technique and craftsmanship embody the promise and guarantee to customers, and they are supported by a solid quality inspection system. The company has an independent lab and inspection personnel who oversee from first-sample inspection to incoming materials, in-process inspection and final inspection in order to fully control product quality and achieve quality stability at ppm 1.33. The complete inspection equipment includes metallurgical analyzers, Vickers and Rockwell hardness testers, projectors, salt spray testers, tensile testing machines, concrete tensile machines, plating thickness gauges, which are continuously being updated.
     This quality system passes ISO 9001, CE, ETA, ICC, ABS, UL and many standards every year. World Broad says to stick to the mission statement of “high standards, sophistication, and zero defection” and prioritize on quality to build an enterprise having core competitiveness and core values. The manufacturing site is managed based on 5S management and runs along the 6S guideline.
World Broad’s Development Goal
     The company launches a new 27,000m2 area which is set to increase capacity and production lines by 100%. It also invests in more inspection and test equipment as well as highly skilled employees to manufacture and sell high-end and high quality products to the world, aiming to make its World Broad® brand known to the world!
Contact: Lujun Fang, General Manager
Ningbo World Broad Hardware & Electrical
high-end construction anchors
non-standard and customized fasteners
high-strength bolts
automotive bolts
railway bolts
ship bolts
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