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Aspiring to be a Leading Construction Anchors Manufacturer, Xintai Hardware GM Ying Jian-Jun: "Win Int’l Recognition with High Quality Anchors"
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     Yuyao Xintai Hardware Co., Ltd. with a production base of about 9,000 sq. m near Hangzhou Bay supplies a wide range of high quality anchors and high strength fasteners to the global market. Over the past 20 years, it has continued to achieve excellent sales results in all major fastener markets by virtue of its stable and excellent product quality and perfect technical support to satisfy the needs of various industrial users. In addition to the strong operation, technology and business support team's close synergy to make great contributions, General Manager Ying Jian-Jun is even a quite important helmsman to lead the company to move forward.
Replicating Precision Engineering Concepts to Fastener Manufacturing
     GM Ying studied at Harbin Engineering University, and after graduation, he joined a shipbuilding company to work as a designer. During that time, he deeply realized that even a smallest screw can play a key role in the overall project, so it is important to specialize in the quality of each screw. In addition, 20 years ago, China's local anchor industry was not yet matured and international recognition was not yet high, which made GM Ying determine to establish Xintai and introduce the concept of precision engineering. "In the early days, China's local anchor industry was mainly dominated by Taiwan-invested enterprises, which had already gained the recognition of more international anchor brands than the local enterprises in China. Under this background, I set up my own factory, hoping to take the lead in making the quality of anchors better and win the recognition from the international market," said GM Ying.
Expanding the Customer Base and Transforming into a Manufacturing & Trading Company
     Even though GM Ying has a strong background in engineering design, he encountered lots of difficulties in communicating and cooperating with some customers and expanding his business at the beginning because of the high competition in the international fastener market when the company was just founded and the fact that he was still trying to figure out how fastener trade with customers was working. Nevertheless, he seized the opportunities to learn from his classmates in the field of foreign trade and searched for information to familiarize himself with the products, and then set up a trading company 5 years after the establishment of Xintai, successfully transforming it into an enterprise that can do both manufacturing and trading. "With the growing volume of business, I gradually felt overwhelmed as the head of the company who was also in charge of purchasing and sales, so I chose to set up a trading company to communicate more directly with customers, and the number of foreign customers grew rapidly after that. Before that, our customers were mainly foreign trading companies," said GM Ying.
Establishment of Hardware & Software and Planning of Internal & External Training
     In order to make Xintai more competitive externally, GM Ying also focuses on personnel and product quality. In terms of personnel, there are internal and external training systems, and in the future, it plans to set up an internal training instructor group to conduct a more regular and comprehensive training mechanism. As for the products, they are strictly controlled by a independent lab and follow the requirements of the quality management system. It also plans to increase the number of quality control and laboratory staff to strengthen the quality control process, as well as to apply for the ETA certification for main products, and to invest in the R&D of new products. "Responding to the current situation, we are seeking for changes and development. We hope to provide the safest construction anchors for the world and aim to become a century-old enterprise with sustainable development,” said GM Ying.
Xintai contact: Manager Yang, Xu
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