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±0.01mm Tolerance- Matpro Seiki’s CNC Composite Turning Technology Outshines Industry Peers
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      Matpro Seiki Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of high-precision CNC-turned parts based in central Taiwan and focusing on sales worldwide. With 50+ employees and 43 sets of Japanese-made CNC compound Swiss-type lathes and turning lathes in the factory, Matpro Seiki specializes in the production of high-precision parts for bicycles, automobiles, sensors, and special fasteners. Over the years, in addition to meeting the needs of domestic Taiwanese customers, the company has also extended its services to customers in advanced markets such as the U.S., Europe and Japan, creating an average annual sales of US$4 million.
Solid Technical Background with Approved Testing Results Wins Recognition of European and U.S. Customers
     Matpro Seiki offers mainly CNC composite turning service and is capable of machining up to 52mm OD (max.), 2.5mm OD (min.), and unlimited lengths. Its CNC machining tolerance can be up to ±0.01mm and the geometric tolerance can be up to 0.015mm.
     “We have a supply chain that can handle cold/hot forging, extrusion, stamping, die casting, powder metallurgy, flat/circular grinding, heat treatment, surface treatment, laser engraving, and more,” said Steven Pai, Matpro Seiki Technical Manager. “In addition, we will also evaluate engineering drawings provided by customers and additional requirements such as price, function, mechanical properties, etc., to find for customers the best manufacturing procedures to maximize their price competitiveness.”
     Matpro Seiki has suggested better machining solutions for customers in many collaborations. For example, it once suggested customers that they change their CNC composite Swiss-type lathes to cold forging and secondary turning. “We have not only significantly reduced customers’ purchasing costs, but also indirectly boosted the volumes of their purchases by adopting more appropriate machining processes,” said Manager Pai.     
Regular QC Audits to Increase Sales Share in Each Industry
     The majority of Matpro Seiki’s products are supplied to customers in the automotive metal fastener, specialty fastener, bicycle and sensor component markets, accounting for 40%, 25%, 20% and 15% of its sales respectively. In recognition of the high quality requirements of these markets, Matpro Seiki, which is ISO 9001 certified, regularly sends its gauges to a verification unit for service life evaluation every 6 months, conducts internal audits every year, and engages SGS to conduct audits and verifications every 2 years. As for outsourced heat-treatment and surface-treatment, Matpro Seiki strictly requires that vendors should be ISO-9001 certified for subsequent QC discussions and provision of quality assurance reports. It can also provide PPAP 3, IMDS, VDA6.3 and other related documents to customers upon request.
     “In addition to ISO 9001, we will also arrange for our staff to attend ISO 14064 and ISO 14067 courses in 2024 to address the ESG issue of carbon emissions. We are also planning to provide courses and encourage our staff to obtain certificates in order to assist them in upgrading their professionalism in various departments. At present, our customers in Europe are mainly from Germany, and their high quality requirements have enabled us to grow into a factory capable of facing more diversified challenges. Starting from this year, we will make the Japanese market our business development focus, and we are confident that we will be able to handle different quality requirements from different parties on the basis of both technology and equipment, and achieve more competitive costs,” said Manager Pai.
Matpro Seiki contact: Technical Manager Steven Pai
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