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Industry Activities 

Accelerating Carbon Reduction and Intelligent Digital Management, Ele Shine Completes First Phase of New Headquarters
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     Specialized in high precision parts processing, Ele Shine Metal Industrial Co., Ltd. is one of the most competitive CNC turned and milled precision metal parts manufacturers in Taiwan. With one-stop integrated machining solutions and in compliance with ISO 9001:2018 and RoHS international standards, it has been serving the needs of many customers from the electronics, automotive/motorbike, bicycle, photoelectric, mechanical hardware industries, etc. for 43 years and has become the most reliable partner of its customers. In order to deepen the breadth and depth of customer service and create a niche for the company's future development, Ele Shine's new headquarters project was formally approved last year and the first phase of the project has already been successfully completed. The second phase is expected to be completed and ready for official opening in the second half of 2024.
Equipment Upgrade & Deployment in Aerospace, Medical, and Semiconductor Fields
     Ele Shine spent NT$250 million building a new headquarters with a total floor space of around 4,630 sq. m, hoping to gradually transform into higher-end markets such as aerospace, medical, and semiconductor based on the goals of corporate sustainability and industrial upgrade. In addition to the introduction of robotic arms and automatic feeding systems, a large-size German turning and milling machine “DMG MORI NTX-1000” and a horizontal milling machine “DMG MORI NHX-4000” will be also introduced this October, which will expand the processing capacity on the one hand and secure an early preparation for future applications for the ISO 13485 certification for medical device and AS9100 certification for aerospace on the other hand.
     "Intelligent digital management has been a current trend in the industry. Besides introducing stand-alone machines, robotic arms, and fully-automated ultrasonic cleaners in the existing plant, we’ve also set up a central control room in the new headquarters and integrated the concepts of IIoT, carbon inventory, and digitization with large machines and robotic arms, flexible systems and combined turning/milling technology that allow us to manufacture products such as implants, bone nails, embedded parts, military-purpose parts, firing pins, etc., creating our leading edge among other industrial competitors," said Wei Shiang Chen, General Manager of Ele Shine.
     Ele Shine's exquisite craftsmanship has even been appointed by Nespresso as its sole aluminum complimentary gifts supplier in Taiwan, assisting them in the development, design, labelling, and assembly of products.
Tripartite Industry-Government-Academia Cooperation for Structuring a Sustainable Development System
     Recognizing that carbon reduction is the key to developing more potential markets in the future, Ele Shine also actively participates in the relevant counselling programs offered by the Metal Electromechanical Industry Division of IDA (MOEA, Taiwan) and National Chin-Yi University of Technology, and continues to carry out and accelerate the upgrading of the company in order to help its customers promote their brand value and competitiveness in the marketplace.
     General Manager Chen, a second-generation and responsible for corporate succession, said, "CBAM, ESG, digitalization of systems, and smart manufacturing are issues everyone is facing. In addition, the global industry is changing rapidly, so in order to stabilize the company's operation and achieve sustainability, we’ll actively work in this direction after our new headquarters is open. Ele Shine is also aiming to be a "century-old company" and endeavors to create quality metal products that meet the industry’s expectations.”
Contact: General Manager Wei Shiang Chen
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