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About Company

Kwantex Research Inc. was established since 1996 mainly devotes to Research and Design in fastener field. We are one of the few enterprises who own the most fastener patents and collaborate with many outstanding fastener companies over the world on innovative products.

Kwantex has total approximately 160 members of staff and extensive production capacities in Taiwan. Our quality policy is " Products, Delivery and Know-How." Our products mainly focus on high-end fasteners for constructional and industrial applications, and majority of the patented products have already been mass-produced and successfully entered the markets in many advanced countries and areas.
Kwantex will continue to revolutionize new product designs as we plan to present 1~2 new products per year, which helps our agencies or partners not only to update their product line features but also to create new markets. This innovative spirit already provided our customers with higher degree of satisfaction. All of us think, innovation is power and only new products can win.

The Breakthrough of Taiwanese Fasteners!
A Complete Replacement for TX

Taking a giant leap forward in the product R&D in 2020, Taiwan’s leading wood screw R&D-focusing manufacturer Kwantex Research Inc. has successfully developed the TTX® Drive System (Taiwan TX Drive System) featuring a 6-lobe drive with additional sharp hook design, which can completely replace the existing TX drive and is expected to create a new chapter in the global R&D and application field of wood screws, automotive screws and industrial assembly screws.

No More Disadvantages of the Old-fashioned Drives!
In the past, while users were fastening wood screws, they used to encounter some problems resulted from certain drive designs. For example, the bit did not fit well with the drive, causing unexpected wobbling, drive abrasion, or bit breakage. These problems not only prevented users from achieving expected tight fastening, but also resulted in the unnecessary waste of materials and tools. In such a market with fierce competition, any of these problems will gradually diminish the competitive edge of companies’ products. However, after Kwantex officially rolled out the new TTX® Drive and the mating TTX® Bit, all of the above worries can be eliminated and users can now achieve satisfying perfect fastening results.
● Unique Sharp Hook Design. No Cam-out!
Different from traditional Phillips or Pozi drive (which cam-out usually occurs due to its inclined contact surface, which cannot transfer sufficient torque to screws with larger outer diameters, or which is prone to drive abrasion while fastened) as well as TX, square, Phillips+Square, or socket hex (which the bit cannot fit tight with, insert deep, or which the drive abrasion may occur during fastening), Kwantex TTX® Drive can perfectly fit with TTX® Bit. It goes direct to the bottom and fits tight!
● Higher Torque Transfer
The specially developed sharp hook design allows the mating bit to transfer higher torque, thus users can even fasten screws with only one hand, which is both time and force saving, not to mention that inexperienced users can also finish fastening easily. Kwantex TTX® Drive System is not only applicable to wood screws, but also is applicable to screws for penetrating construction steel and machine screws for steel structure & industrial assembly. Its application range is quite comprehensive.
● 4 Times Longer Service Life
TTX® Bit has a similar design of 6 lobes with additional sharp hooks. On each lobe of the drive, there is a special sharp convex to help achieve tight fastening, avoid slippage, increase the contact surface between the drive and the mating bit, reduce stress accumulation, and optimize torque transfer. The results of more than 10,000 times of torsion and breaking tests also reveal that compared to the traditional TX Bit on the market, the service life of TTX® Bit is greatly increased by 4 times. Its durability is self-evident. On the other hand, TTX® Bit can be also used directly to fasten TX drives of the same size number, showing a very high applicability.
Comparison Between TTX® Bit and TX Bit:
Bit Type Max. Torque Delivery (N.m) Fatigue Test
TX 25 18.99 Bit sustained 5,236 cycles before breakage
TTX 25 20.05 Bit sustained 22,977 cycles before breakage

Speaking of the newly released TTX® Drive System, Kwantex President Jack Lin said, “We are confident that the new product we rolled out this time will definitely be a game-changing one in the industry. Our goal is to produce a type of fasteners that are affordable to everyone and can be quickly and effectively used to fasten products made from various materials and treated with different surface finishes. The angle of the inclined surface of the drive has been meticulously calculated to ensure enough contact surface area and the extra well-engineered hook design, according to the wedge theory, has been also added to achieve stick-fit. Kwantex has been always dedicated to R&D and will continue to roll out more products with excellent design, as we hope to help Taiwanese fastener industry increase its value with the ever-changing market.”

The Best Way to Creating a Fastener-free Deck Surface
KTX-HDS (Hidden Decking Screw System)
Continues to be a Popular Product on the Market
Kwantex focuses on the R&D in various industry sectors. It not only focuses on the improvement of screw drive design, but also provides customers facing fastening issues with solutions that are more efficient and practical. The KTX-HDS (Hidden Decking Screw System) developed for solving problems in deck fastening is exactly one of the solutions.
In the past, when users would like to fasten decks with existing brands of fastening assistance systems, they used to face problems. For example, their tools could not be adjusted according to different deck gaps; the tools with spring jigs would be easily pushed upward during fastening; the fastening space would be restricted due to the handle design; the tools had to be manually adjusted to reach suitable clip widths; handles were not anti-slip and were heavy.
The new Hidden Decking Screw System Kwantex developed, however, can be adjusted according to different deck gaps (3mm/4mm/5mm/6mm); it adopts the friction mechanism to clip; the tool won’t be pushed upward during fastening; handles positioned in the middle of the tool won’t interfere fastening; it does not require manual adjustment of the clip width; anti-slip handles can be customized to show the iconic colors and trademarks of companies; the tool is also lightweight. With this new product being available on the market, relevant users will definitely enjoy the benefits it brings, such as practicability and eye-pleasing fastening results.

Profile of Kwantex
Established: 1996
Headquarters: Kwanmiao, Tainan
Employees: around 160 persons
Monthly capacity: 1,000-2,000 tons
Products: wood screws, piercing screws, machine screws for industrial assembly, container deck screws, steel structure screws, concrete screws, customized design special screws

Kwantex contact:
Ms. Tracy Lin (Assistant Vice President (Sales & Marketing))

ISO-9001 , ISO-14001 , CE , ISO-45001 , RISE C4 , C4 , D&B D-U-N-S , SMETA , ETA
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plants / Machines
2018-12-10  Come to visit our stand at Fastener Fair Stuttgart Booth No. 2787/Hall 5

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TTX Stable, Durable and Universal, KTX-Convex Head
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