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About Company

SUPERIOR QUALITY FASTENERS CO., LTD. was established in 1998. We are an ISO 9001 quality approved supplier since June, 2001 & TS16949 on May 2009. We specialize in providing high quality fastener and har dware products. We also cater to customers’ orders upon request, to accommodate eve ry customer's unique requirement. Should you require any information or assistance at any time, please con tact us by email, fax or telephone. Web site:

CE , IATF16949 , ISO-9001 , ISO-14001 , EN14592 EN14566
Head Marking
plants / Machines

Heavy Nuts

Flange Screws

Hexagon Head Cap Screws

Weld Screws

Weld Nuts

Overseas Factory / Branch
Main Product

Heavy Nuts

Flange Screws

Hexagon Head Cap Screws

Weld Screws

Weld Nuts

Hexagon Nuts

Automotive Screws

Automotive Nuts


T-head Or T-slot Bolts

Construction Bolts

U Bolts

Lug Nuts

Drywall Screws

Self-drilling Screws

Eye Screws

Hexagon Head Bolts

Weld Bolts (studs)

Square Head Bolts

Step Bolts

Eye Bolts

Flanged Head Bolts

Long Carriage Bolts

Customized Special Screws / Bolts

Parallelogram Nuts with Spring
Spring Nuts
Forged Lugs
Chipboard Screws
Drywall Screws
Self Drilling Screws Assembled with Neoprene Bonded Washer
T Head Bolts in Steel & Stainless Steel Bolt
Drive Hooks
Long Screws
Eye Bolts
Eye Nuts
Track Spikes in Stainless Steel Material
Pins with slot Hole

Hardware Parts & Accessories:
Stamping Parts
Turning Parts

Exhibitions Attended
Exhibition Preview
Close Dies Parts, Welding Bushing & Welding Nut, Turning Parts, Stamping parts, Weld Screw, Drywall Screws & Self-Drilling Screws, Chipboard screws & Tapping screw, Carriage Bolts & Machine Screws, Eye Bolts & Thread Rod & Spring Nuts, OVAL TRACK BOTL, SLEEVE ANCHOR, T BOLT, T HANDLE, ELEVATOR BOLT, EYE BOLT, LUG NUT
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