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Located in Kaohsiung-the harbor city in the south of Taiwan and the regional hub for fasteners in Asia - we work closely with over 100 manufacturing partners in our network to serve the complex global fastener market with quality and diversity. This gives us the edge to supply a wide range of products- self-drilling screws, hammer bolts, double end studs, screw plugs, wheel nuts & bolts, and thread inserted components. We offer almost full size for standard parts and we have a strong track record in making specialty/drawing parts.
Our hardware and software infrastructure further allows us to offer customized storage and delivery options. We own a warehouse over 4,000sq.m, managed by a dedicated team to handle packaging and storage tasks. An innovative ERP system goes hand-in-hand to increase efficiency and accuracy at work. With all of these in place, we are able to offer our customers with bulk orders multiple releases and special payment terms based on their preference--which significantly reduce their burden on warehousing and cash flow.
At ZONBIX, we never compromise on quality. We adopt up-to-date QC protocols and standards and have been heavily investing in cutting-edge QC technologies, such as the instant dimension measurement system: Keyence IM-6120. The consistent quality and services have gained recognition from not only professional associations like ISO and Taiwan Fastener Trading Association(TFTA), but also our customers. In the past 30 years, our speed and quality of work have been highly recognized by over 150 clients, all over the world from Europe, America, to Asia--including top players like Brighton Best International and Fabory/Grainger.

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2019-06-06  Two weeks ago, our team visited the Motor City and exhibited at the 2019 Fastener Fair. Team ZONBIX would like to use this opportunity to thank all the visitors and their positive feedbacks on ZONBIX and the fastener industry in Taiwan.

Here is a summary of what our visitors said when looking for supply partners:

Integrity is the #1 thing.
Just as other relationships – a healthy, long-lasting business relationship can only be built upon mutual trust and loyalty. At ZONBIX, we believe every member of a supply chain should always protect each other’s interest. During the past 30 years, ZONBIX has been highly valued by our customer for this specific reason – we would like to specifically highlight this testimonial collected earlier this year:

“Our familiar relationship and trustworthy cooperation” makes it simply unforgettable.
-- From a loyal German customer who worked with us for over 25 years, and gave us 10/10 rating in the 2018 year end survey!

Quality and services. NOT price.
Price has been the main reason to procure from Asia in the past decades. However, a shift of mindset is happening. “Let me share this with you and you’ll see why – I haven’t received the goods of an order I placed last year.” a visitor complained about his experience dealing with a supplier in a country where businesses proudly brag about their “low-cost goods”. Things like this are unheard of in Taiwan (even 30 years ago, in the early days of our fastener industry). Arguably, our emphases on quality and services may stem from the Japanese spirit we inherited from the colonial times (1895-1945).

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T-head Or T-slot Bolts

Self-drilling Screws

Double-head Screws / Bolts

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Eye Bolts

T-head Or T-slot Bolts

Self-drilling Screws

Double-head Screws / Bolts

Screw Plug

Nylon Insert Nuts

Nylon Cap Insert Lock Nuts

Hydraulic Components

Wheel Nuts

Wheel Bolts

Self-locking Nuts

4 Pronged T Nuts

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Clevis Pins

Blind Nuts / Rivet Nuts

Wing Nuts

Blind Rivets

Flare Nuts

Blind Rivet Studs

Stud Bolts

American Standard Nuts

ZONBIX has supplied a wide range of high quality fasteners in various materials since 1988. Such long time makes us accumulate value experience in our service. Gathering various fasteners into one shipment to save enormous costs for our clients is our principle and advantage.

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Wheel Nuts, Eye Bolts, T-head or T-slot Bolts, Wheel Bolts, Self-drilling Screws, Double-head Screws / Bolts, Self-locking Nuts, Nylon Insert Nuts, Nylon Cap Insert Lock Nuts, Screw Plug, Hydraulic Components, Hammer Bolts, Double End Studs, and Thread Inserted Components
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