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Ying Ming’s Automotive Fasteners Impress Customers with Good Quality and Lead Time
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~Ying Ming Industry is a Taiwan-based automotive fastener manufacturer. Its R&D, quality, and lead time of products satisfying the need of customers have made it one of the key players in the supply chain of the global automotive industry. It now supplies to domestic Taiwan, USA, Europe, Japan, Australia, Thailand, South Africa, and China.
Founded in 1969, Ying Ming has been one of the few manufacturers with a long history dedicated to fasteners. Its major products are automotive parts, standard parts, patented screws, etc. Over 10,000 products it has developed are automotive parts.
Major customers of the company in domestic Taiwan are Ford (Taiwan), China Motor, Yulon Motor, SYM, Haitec, etc; Customers outside of Taiwan are from N. America, Europe, China, Southeast Asia, including Ford, GM, Jaguar & Land Rover, Nissan, Volkswagen, Volvo, Scania, etc.
Ying Ming is the first in Taiwan to be presented with Ford’s Q1 Award and one of the few companies that can directly supply products to car manufacturers. It supplied to Ford (Taiwan) in the beginning, then Ford (N. America) was included, now it directly supplies to all Ford system in the world.
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