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King Ann Releases New Special Parts Complex Formers
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~King Ann not only has the largest screw former in Taiwan, but has also developed the 6-die 6-blow special parts complex former with innovative design, diversified functions, good quality, and competitive price. 
Founded in 1994, King Ann manufactures specialized screw and nut formers sold worldwide including Europe, N. America, Latin America, Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, and China. In order to meet the needs of business and the market, it set up the new branch, Shanghai Biau Li Machinery in 2001 to develop Chinese market and reduce the production cost.
King Ann is working hard to upgrade its products. The current bestsellers were all developed 10 years ago, especially the 4-stage model, representing 50% of the total sales. As for the other 5-stage or 6-stage models representing only 20% of the total sales, President Su said, “King Ann focuses on the future of 5-stage and 6-stage models,” as they show various advantages in industrial applications like simple structures, lower prices, easy operation, and powerful multifunction.
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