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Industry Activities 

70-year Wire Rolling Mill Specialist with Global Footprints- FUHR GmbH & Co. KG
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     In 1946, the German engineer Karl Fuhr set up a company for mechanical engineering in Horn-Bad Meinberg (North Rhine-Westphalia). His major early invention was a rolling machine for producing reinforcement steel wires. Over the years, the company grew persistently and got more and more familiar with wire production. Nowadays, the company is still family-owned and develops highly specialized wire rolling mills for the widest range of industrial applications with more than 50 highly-skilled people for customers from around the world.
Support for Full Line & Inline Solutions
     FUHR’s machines are often used to produce precursor materials for the fastener industry. Customers can produce rectangular or profiled wires used to produce thread inserts, circlips, fittings, thread nails, etc. They can choose between a full wire production line or an inline solution. Inline solutions have the advantages that they are smaller and can be placed directly into the customers’ fastener production line.
Featured: WST Profile Rolling Mill
     The WST (Turks Head) Universal Profile Rolling Mill offered by FUHR is placed in front of a nail machine or a multi stamp press (as well as spring machines). It features an additional adjustability of the rolls in the axial direction. Thus, each roll can be adjusted radially and axially, allowing the mill to produce wire with a rectangular or square cross section using only one standardized set of rolls. This saves time, costs and labor required to change the rolls for the desired wire profile. All dimensions of wire can be produced immediately.
     Also available is the economical IPU320 (Inline Profiling System) for manufacturers of enamelled wire that combines rolling and profile drawing processes to achieve large width-to-thickness ratios. Equipped with a closed control system, it does not require an electrical interface to the paint spray line. The required space is kept at a minimal size of 2 meters. Therefore, retrofitting in existing paint spray lines is possible without having to adapt the existing system, making for uninterrupted operation for months. Additionally, FUHR is also announcing the new “F-MAS” (FUHR-Measurement & Acquisition System) for wire measurement.
Providing Turnkey Solutions
     As a supplier of turnkey solutions, FUHR provides tailored equipment and systems in collaboration with clients– systems that integrate seamlessly into existing processes on site. It can offer complete production lines including payoff, straightening units, dancers, measuring systems, coilers and so on for products requiring more than one rolling step, allowing customers to produce wires at up to 800 m/min. Its modular components ensure high degree convertibility and low maintenance cost. Also, the line can easily be upgraded.
Expanding Global & Media Footprints
     FUHR delivers products through sales representatives in nearly every country in the world, with the biggest markets in Asia, North America and Europe. FUHR embarks on social media campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube in the second half of 2020. With innovative strengths and almost 75 years of know-how in rolling lines and special machinery, FUHR has become a leading partner for many industry sectors innovating and developing new applications.
Contact: Esther Klinge
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