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Industry Activities 

King Yuan Dar Rolls out 3 Latest Furnace Products
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Cyclic Continuous Vacuum Spheroidizing Furnace
Cyclic Continuous Vacuum High Temperature Sintering Furnace
Cyclic Continuous Box Vacuum Carburizing Furnace
     Many suppliers to European automakers are seeking the latest eco-friendly equipment because of more stringent requirements that ask for compliant manufacturing procedures and good quality. To that end, Mr. Tseng Chang-Lung, General Manager of King Yuan Dar Metal Enterprise, utilizes his years of experience and background in the gas industry and applies his know-how to heat treatment. This year he is introducing 3 latest heat-treating furnaces with 8 major advantages:
Thermal Recyclable & Reusability
Increased capacity and stable quality
Reduced gas consumption in the furnace
High efficiency/Eco-friendly/Energy-saving
Batch production management
Combining remote visual management & Intelligent AI monitoring
Intelligent equipment to automatically record capacity, power and gas consumption
Free of bumps, mixed materials and mesh belt
Free of Bumps, Mixed Materials and Mesh Belt
     The company overhauled its previous mesh belt type equipment and converted it to box type batch processing and added a vacuum furnace to resolve issues of workpiece marring and mixing up with materials, tackling once and for all the downsides of existing heat treatment and stabilizing production quality and efficiency. This is the thing that Mr. Tseng wants to solve for the industry.
High Efficiency/Eco-friendly/Multi-purpose; Thermal Recyclable & Reusable
     King Yuan Dar has achieved an ultra-performance able to clean and recycle 90% of quenching oils. The new design is less likely to lose heat, and successfully recycles and reuses heat. It saves more power and gas, and processes 2 to 3 times faster, accelerating processing speed of the manufacturing plant and minimizing environment pollution. Specifically, the Continuous Box Type Vacuum Carburizing Furnace is packed with multiple functions such as vacuum carburizing, carbonitriding, quenching, tempering, and normalizing.
Integrating Smart Equipment for Monitoring & Management
     King Yuan Dar furnaces use an intuitive operating interface and integrate automated and smart hardware. It will only take the personnel to place materials, set configurations, and then complete carburizing, tempering, and cleaning in one go. The computer monitors the whole heat treatment process. It will immediately send out signals for personnel check if there is an anomaly with the protective gas or temperatures. King Yuan Dar provides a setup of the central control room for monitoring all equipment. The personnel can also monitor and keep all equipment in check to save costs on labor and time.
Contact person: Mr. Tseng Chang-Lung    
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