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Industry Activities 

German Technology. Localized Service. Leading Water-based Dry Film Lubricant Supplier microGLEIT® Seeks to Become a Rest Assured Brand to Customers
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     Various steps and precise details in production lines for engineered fasteners and industrial components will always need to be seriously considered to achieve the best product quality. As a result, lubrication and anti-lock required in product manufacturing, if proper processed, will assist the products with consistency and impressive performance. In this innovated fastener industry era, which relies on technology and service, one cannot ignore the existence of microGLEIT®, which is usually recognized industrywide as the leading supplier of water-based dry film lubricants.
     Since its establishment in Germany, microGLEIT® has been dedicated to the R&D of various lubricants and anti-lock products for specific industrial use. Thus far, it has successfully developed lubricants for fasteners, gears, slides, pressed parts, chains, industrial components, etc., which have been widely used in automotive and construction applications. Besides the German HQ, its representatives in Asia – microGLEIT Technology Company in Taiwan and Geotech Enterprise Company in China, are also equipped with excellent technology and full knowledge of products supported by the German headquarters. The Taipei-based microGLEIT Technology Company is mainly committed to the development and support of customers in Asia as well as the handling of inventory, while the Shanghai-based Geotech Enterprise Company is focused on providing service to support the integral application and development of its Chinese clients. After the incorporation of microGLEIT® Germany into COVENTYA Group two years ago, it is believed that, with more accessible resources and comprehensive application, microGLEIT® will be able to fulfill all-inclusive solutions.
Non-stop Technical Support from microGLEIT¨ Amidst the Pandemic
     Since the outbreak of the pandemic in the beginning of this year, the global supply chain has been reorganized upside down, which has also influenced the whole industrial and customers’ behaviors. However, the core value of microGLEIT® to focus on stable performance and real-time support remains unchanged.
     “Due to the adjustment of previous production line of global automotive manufacturers, our sales face a significant decline in the first half of this year, however, after the gradual recovery starting this May through June, we have gradually perceived the signs of increasing orders. Plus, the previous projects in other industries are reactivated, the demand for special lubricants is growing, the operation of microGLEIT® would continue to reach above previous level. On the other hand, as the pandemic has extensively impacted our original schedules for testing, discussion, visits, sales, and shipments, we thus have much more time to reconsider how to optimize our manufacturing to better correspond with customers’ limited lead times and related requirements, in order to ensure product stability and offer non-stop technical support and aftersales service,” says Michael Wu, Manager of microGLEIT Technology Company. “By keeping communication with customers, microGLEIT® can further understand the instantaneous status of customers’ inventory and order intake, as a result, we can focus resources on key products and combine shipment of low-demanded products, avoiding unnecessary inventory preparation based on the low volume and diverse range principle.”
New DCP Sealers Series for Lubrication and Corrosion Protection
     Having focused on the innovative applications of water-based dry film lubricants for long, microGLEIT® offers a diverse range of applications for products according to customers’ needs. The newly released DCP sealers series designed for satisfying both customers’ lubrication and corrosion protection demand are just one example. Features of this series include: 1. The best corrosion-protective layer, which can combine with zinc layers to form the ideal protective film; 2. It can be sprayed on localized areas, helping achieve stable performance and lower friction coefficients; 3. It’s transparent and colorless and will exhibit fluorescence under UV light; 4. It demonstrates high cohesion on different materials; 5. It causes no adverse impact on coated parts; 6. No residue will be left on surface, environmental and user friendly.
      “Products of microGLEIT® comply with most friction coefficient requirements, which have been specified on relevant regulations. In respect to new application fields, we could always find out the most suitable solution via open discussion and technical support. With the resources from microGLEIT Germany, we could integrate various ideas in trial to satisfy customers’ demands within a limited timeframe, which is also why microGLEIT® has been considered “The Most Reliable Partner” for many years. Hoping everyone could create multi values of company and discover more applications for microGLEIT® lubricants,” says Wu. 
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