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Industry Activities 

Celebrating 10-Year Anniversary, Jiaxing Goodway Relocates to New Office
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     Founded only a decade ago, Jiaxing Goodway Hardware Co., Ltd. (“Goodway”) has successfully earned an excellent reputation for the supply of various high-quality non-standard and customized fasteners. For years its professional team, diverse range of product portfolio, and flexible & efficient service have won the trust of many customers from the global market, and it has also kept improving its service to cater to the ever-changing customer demands. In order to enhance its topnotch corporate image and offer service that better corresponds to customer demands, Goodway moved to a new office (with a doubled area compared to that of its old site), located at Jiaxing International Business Park and near major transport hubs and fastener industry clusters in 2020, adding a new chapter to the growing history of Goodway.
Better Quality Inspection Capabilities and More Time-saving & Efficient Quality Control
     The tidy and bright new office was divided into different departments, which include sales, quality inspection, purchase, finance, human resource, and general manager. The meeting room, areas serving tea and meals, and a rest corner were also added in order to provide all staff of the company with a comfortable work environment, helping reinforcing the cohesion within the company and offering complete service to customers more efficiently. What’s worth noting in the relocation this time is that a more spacious quality inspection room with the installation of extra sets of QC equipment was added, greatly enhancing the already seriously monitored quality management system in Goodway.
     “This new office will not only increase our quality inspection level, but also significantly reduce the time required for our customers to travel to our office or partnered factories and enable us to check our products at partnered factories within less than half an hour, due to its proximity to the main boulevard in Jiaxing (Nanhu Blvd.), high speed rail station, highway entrance, and major Haiyan and Jiaxing fastener manufacturing bases. In addition, it’ll be also convenient for our customers to get quick access to DIY packaging or optical sorting service. The well-arranged infrastructure around the office will also strengthen our ability to satisfy our customers,” said General Manager Jack Chang. 
Focusing on Non-standard Products with High Customer Dependence
     For years, products of Goodway have been designated by many European and American customers from automotive, aerospace, agricultural machinery, construction and DIY industries to be used in their products. Goodway has also dedicated itself to developing new customers from other countries/markets. Every year Goodway could generate a sales growth of around 10-15%. With the ISO 9001 quality management system, Goodway even passed the audit of German Wurth and U.S. Fastenal within two years and established solid collaboration with them.  
     “Non-standard products have been always our main business items, which can be hardly replaced by other products in the market, so our customers show high dependence upon us. On the other hand, as our products are not only exported to Europe and America, but also exported other regions, the U.S.-China trade war does not cause too much influence on us,” said Chang.
Being a Manufacturer and Trader and Perfectly Combining Customization with Vertically Integrated Service
     Different from other manufacturers, Goodway, being a manufacturer and trader, shows the advantage of perfect integration of manufacture, quality control and service. “Manufacturers provide products, but Goodway also provides customization and vertically integrated service. In terms of quality control, Goodway has a group of well-experienced inspectors to carry out full inspection and guarantee good quality control. As for the most essential service, it also has a professional team of English-speaking sales for product inquiries. With all these soft powers, Goodway provides not only products, but also service that deeply touches the hearts of customers. Goodway values each customer very much and considers every visit the best chance to demonstrate its capabilities,” said Chang. Such a serious attitude, superior quality and lead time control have made quite a few buyers switch their collaboration to Goodway.
Strengthening Connection with Customers to Weather Global Challenges
     The drastic global market change in 2020 did cause various extents of impacts on Goodway’s customers. Through opening the new office, the connection between Goodway and its customers will be much more strengthened and it’ll be also easier for Goodway to keep track of customers’ inventory to help them weather the current challenges. Speaking of the outlook for markets and customer service, Chang noted, “Since the establishment, Goodway has faced many challenges and overcome them successfully. We all know that it is not easy. Customers from far away trust that we can satisfy their demands, so having their demands fully satisfied is our commitment.”
Contact: General Manager Jack Chang
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