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Anchor Fasteners G.M. Hector Chu: Client Relationship is a Cornerstone for Enterprises and Being Relied on by Clients is the Best Marketing
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     Different from other Taiwanese fastener suppliers starting their business from OEM production for standard parts, Anchor Fasteners Industrial Co., Ltd. has chosen for itself a different way since its inception. In early years when many leading manufacturers did not attach too much importance to special parts manufacturing, Anchor Fasteners with its forward-looking vision had already taken the lead to set foot on the niche market. Over the past 35 years, it has gradually become one of the leading fastener companies in Taiwan and its excellent product quality and client service have also rapidly earned itself positive recognition on the global stage.
     Anchor Fasteners specializes in production of anchors, rivet nuts, automotive parts, and speed riveting parts. Guided by President Anchor T. H. Chang, who values service, dedication, innovation, and efficiency very much, Anchor Fasteners has grown into a group with many affiliates, including Alliance Global Technology Co., Ltd. (manufacturing dental implants), An-Mag Technology Co., Ltd. (manufacturing Mg alloy bike parts and medical parts), Ningbo Anker Special Fasteners Ind., Ltd. (providing one-stop anchor manufacturing service) and Anchor Fasteners (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. (supplying motorbike parts to Yamaha, Honda and many other Japanese motorbike brands). Through the deployment of operations in Taiwan, China, and Vietnam as well as their regional advantages, the entire Anchor Fasteners Group can offer more comprehensive service to satisfy the ever-changing demand of the global market.
Industry-leading Ways of Doing Business and Valuing Client Relationship Management
     “The reasons that Anchor Fasteners could grow to the current scale are mostly attributed to the proactive leading strategy of President Chang, its team’s way of doing their jobs, and its dedication to client relationship management,” said General Manager Hector Chu.
General Manager Hector Chu (left) and Executive Vice General Manager Johnson Chang (right)
     Chu added, “I’ve flied with President Chang for times to exhibit at many international trade shows ever since I started my career in Anchor Fasteners 32 years ago. During the period when lots of enterprises were still flipping yellow pages to look for target clients, Anchor Fasteners already started trying a new way of client development to meet overseas clients (buyers) face to face. Such straight ways of listening to clients’ demands and offering clients the immediate communication approach have helped Anchor Fasteners get more exposure and opportunities to win orders. I’ve also learned a lot of knowledge of doing business and techniques of interacting with various types of clients from President Chang and have them fulfilled in our sales management and staff training. In addition, as President Chang is very good at technical R&D, our technical staff are also benefited to grow their own technical R&D capabilities and continue to develop new products admired by the market.”
     Due to the exclusive focus on client relationship management, Anchor Fasteners has successfully sold its products to the whole world and has had more than 70% of its products sold to Europe and the U.S. Last year, Anchor Fasteners in Taiwan and its independently operating affiliates altogether contributed the revenue of NT$2.5 bn.
Making Good Friends with Clients is the Key
     Chu noted, “Due to the pandemic over the past year, most enterprises could only communicate with their clients in digital ways, not to mention the fact that the rocketing shipping costs, surging material costs, and exchange rate fluctuations also made clients haggle over every cent spent on purchasing, which further reveals the importance of good client relationship. As a result, making clients feel the irreplaceability of an enterprise and situations of both sides fully realized are very critical, because clients may have more than one choice and you may be just one of them. If clients consider you a comrade they can trust and share weal and woe with, the establishment of long-term collaboration and partnership will be possible. Making clients rely on us is the best marketing and is also the direction we’ll spare no effort to work on.”
     Chu said humorously, “In the past when we visited our clients, we did not talk about business most of the time, even the contracts were left unsigned until the last few minutes!” All these words fully demonstrate the expectation of Anchor Fasteners to establish a true partnership with its clients rather than just establish business collaboration.
Improving Technology to Create Value for Clients
     Anchor Fasteners has a wealth of experience in OEM production for many well-known manufacturers, so it has accumulated a wide knowledge of manufacturing technology and process management. In recent years, it has also begun to extend its service to ODM production and many of its ETA approved anchors are the best proof of its strengths. Speaking of upgrade and transformation, Anchor Fasteners did invest a lot in product development and the training of its R&D engineers, which is why it always has strong capabilities in mold design and assisting clients in product development and has won many awards like National Industrial Innovation Award, Taiwan SMEs Innovation Award, Rising Star Award, etc. Recently, it has been also dedicated to the development of heavy-duty and high-unit-priced riveting fasteners, in order to provide high buildings, bridges and other constructions with better fastening solutions.  
     Chu said, “The corporate culture of Anchor Fasteners is to make every impossible become possible. We introduced Total Production Management (TPM) very early and cultivate leaders who can solve problems through staff training, as staff in the front line are usually those who can find the actual problems. We hope our staff can focus on solving problems rather than evade them. To Anchor Fasteners, solving problems must rely on staff in the front line to find out problems, as they always have the best solutions to handle them perfectly.”
Foresee the Trend and Be Well-Prepared to Take on Challenges
     An enterprise must have insight into the market development, select a clear position, and have perfect strategic plans before it can go further, which is also a principle Anchor Fasteners has been continuously following in business running. Chu said, “An enterprise will be soon eliminated if it cannot adapt to market trends. A business runner must also see the trends and get prepared early before he can consolidate his own presence.”
Chu also added that considering the nearly insufficient space of the current plant available for further expansion and the expectation of more product categories to be added into the current portfolio, Anchor Fasteners has been working on its plant expansion. So far, it has purchased a new plant at Benjhou Industrial Park, which is being refurbished now and expected to be completed in 1-2 years. After it is completed, some of its capacity will be relocated to the new plant and the deployment of its capacity can be expected to become more efficient.
     In addition to maintaining good client relationship and improving technology, Anchor Fasteners has been also active in fulfilling its social responsibility, reinforcing occupational safety and hygiene management, looking after employees and participating in charitable activities, in order to build up a more solid and stable base for its business development. Chu noted, “A well-established base and good leadership and management are the key to sustainability of an enterprise. In the future, we hope that Anchor Fasteners will continuously be the irreplaceable superior brand and the most trustable collaborative partner in clients’ minds.” 
President Chang (middle) on behalf of the company joins "NICE" upgrade and transformation guidance program
President Chang (3rd from right) donates dental implants to Tzu Chi Hospital
Contact: General Manager Hector Chu     
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