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Industry Activities 

Master United Corp. Relocates to New Office- Integrated Domestic & Overseas Operations Offering Customers More Desired Service
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     Mainly supplying U.S., Canadian, and European markets with construction, furniture, and DIY fasteners, Master United Corp. officially inaugurated its new office located in Neihu Dist. of Taipei City this year to meet the demand  for a larger work space, the company’s long-term development strategy, and readjustment of the internal organizational structure.
     With a spacious maisonette to accommodate nearly 40 employees, complete software & hardware arrangement, synergy of finance/sales/purchasing divisions, and complementary collaboration with the operations in Shanghai, Zhejiang, and Ho Chi Minh City, Master United is expected to continuously maintain the leadership in its customer service and supply of various products.
     “Providing customers with better service has been always what the team of Master United is making every effort to achieve and the inauguration of our new office is the best proof that we are doing whatever it takes to realize our commitment to customers. Our new office will be an essential role in integrating the entire group and optimizing relevant labor & resource utilization. In addition, we’ll also arrange a sample showroom for customers visiting us in the future to understand more about the products and service we can provide,” says Master United.
New Holding Company Established to Coordinate Operation of All Affiliates
     The operations of Master United located in Taiwan, Vietnam, and China used to operate and process order intake under their own respective management (e.g., Taiwan is responsible for OEM orders for specialty screws, auto parts, and others with stricter quality requirements, while Vietnam mainly handles those from customers in N. America or Europe, where fasteners are not subject to AD tariffs).  The average delivery per month of the Vietnam operation is around 600-700 tons and that of its China operation  (incl. associate factories) totals around 1,000 tons. As for the Taiwan operation, it mainly collaborates with suppliers, so there is no limit on its capacity. Through the establishment of a new holding company as well as the creation of a new company logo this year, the sales management and order processing in all operations can be fully integrated at a time.  On the one hand, the efficiency of respective operations can be maximized through the integrated strategic management, on the other hand, more optimized customer experience can be also provided according to various customers’ purchasing bahaviors by integrating respective talents of Master United’s 2nd generation for management, sales, and marketing.
Consolidating Existing Customers’ Orders as a Top Priority; Cultivating Strengths to Develop New Customers
     According to Master United, “The global market demand this year is going crazy, not to mention that some companies have had their capacity fully booked through the beginning of next year (some even have seen orders through the middle of next year). Stable supply to the DIY market, the vibrant development of sales-boosting online ordering platforms, and months of city lockdowns in the west resulting in surging demand for home improvement DIY products have also benefited Master United with a lot of orders. However,  this also means that the whole team must make more of an effort to deal with every customer’s order, in order to maintain collaboration with existing customers under the current condition of longer lead time. If the supply chain gets more stable and we’ve got more time to develop new customers, we may even consider different marketing methods (such as promoting sales of certain products on catalogues in different quarters) to accelerate the corporate growth, which will also allow us to stand firm and continuously march forward in the fastener industry full of challenges.”
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