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Industry Activities 

Congrats!! Alex Screw Industrial’s New Headquarters!
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“Expansion, Digital Management & Communication
  are our Keys to Rising Above Challenges!”
     Pioneering in construction and industrial fasteners for over 35 years, Alex Screw is the big shot of the fastener industry with a reputation at home and abroad. It is a dazzling jewel of the crown in international fastener shows and a big name known especially in the U.S., Europe, Japan and Russia. Ms. Anne Cheng, general manager and successor for the company, has an expertise in both international trade and management. She is a power woman of persistence who gets the company through many business challenges and acts on the changes of macro-environment. This year, the company is refreshed with brand-new business structure upgrades. It set up a new headquarters and invested in a new digital system for improved management.
Keen on the Pulse of the World; Preemptive Actions for Untapped Opportunities
     The capacity expansion and new headquarters are preemptive actions to cope with the EU anti-dumping measures early on, said Anne. Many years ago when the EU imposed high tax rates on China’s fasteners, an overwhelming amount of orders had to be sent from the China plant back to Taiwan. This year, a final determination disclosed by the EU confirms another round of anti-dumping tax now imposed on China. The swift and decisive general manager and her team have already prepared years ahead. She put the plant in Benjhou Industrial Park (Gangshan District of Kaohsiung City) in charge of screw forming and added headers and threading machines for extra capacity, and added two packaging plants near Yong An Industrial Park (Yong An District of Kaohsiung City). “We decided at the moment that we were just going to open a new plant regardless of EU's final call.” The extra plants and capacity called for improvements on allocating and managing new personnel, so she relocated the sales reps and managing staff to a new office (also known as the new headquarters) in Zuoying District which is in charge of overseas orders. The new headquarters provides the space for business handling, meetings and personnel education and training, with a purpose to provide customers with better quality service.
The Equation to Undefeated Alex Screw: Locked on Improving Management + Investment in ERP
     Since she took over, Anne was quick to sense the importance of digitalization, automation and machine connectivity to the Internet, the bigger schemes of the world’s development. “We’ve just invested in an upgraded ERP system with which we can prevent errors from human’s data transcription, inform operators of when to get machines on and offline, achieve onsite control and better inventory management, while we can reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve our management.” With the global labor shortage, the company plans ahead and acts on the right timing. It progressively facilitates the road map to automation, combining packaging machines and other equipment with automated interface and computer control to monitor production more accurately, reduce lead time, and improve the quality of operation and products.
Anne Cheng: “Communication and Data Analysis is More Important Than Ever in the New Era!”
     The company observed that the change in the global market brings an inpour of orders to Taiwan headquarters. The orders have increased 50% and are piled up to the first half of this year. However, the market prices are dominated by sellers in recent years and it causes the prices of materials and processing service to ramp up. Coupled with the exchange rates and other multiple uncontrollable factors, many companies are in for compressed profits. Lead times are forced to be extended and it leads to greater fund pressure. This is the challenge shared across Taiwanese fastener companies.
     In an era when high demand outruns capacity, drastic increase of clients’ orders doesn’t necessarily reflects the actual market demand. “We calculate our clients’ monthly and quarterly purchase volume. If they purchase by folds, we will communicate with them to ensure this is the amount of products they actually need.” She pointed out that it is most necessary to analyze data, communicate with clients, monitor the volumes and item categories that they need, and offer accurate solutions to prevent disrupting the production plans made for clients or prevent having misunderstanding with them. Despite all the challenges, Alex Screw continues to purchase new equipment, overhaul the plants, introduce more advanced QC instruments, and evolve itself to rise above the ever-changing market.
Contact: Ms. Anne Cheng, general manager   
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