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Industry Activities 

Chen Tai Fastener Machine Co., Ltd. Dedicated to Vibratory Bowl Feeder Equipment for High Efficiency Automatic Production Line
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     In the production of fastener and hand tool, the goal is to make the high quality and zero defect product. Thus, the feeder machine is an important role during the production. With fluently feeding to next procedure machine, a professional vibratory bowl feeder is to be reckoned with. With 37 years’ experience in feeder’s field, CHEN TAI is known as the leading of feature and performance in vibratory bowl feeder in Taiwan.     
Customized Vibratory Bowl Feeders – The Fastest Feeding Speed and the Most Accurate Orientation
     Chen Tai has cooperated with fastener and hand tool manufacturers for years. The vibratory bowl feeders made by Chen Tai are accompany with most of the fastener machines exported from Taiwan. They have extensive experience in assisting customers in developing and customized vibratory bowl feeders according to the differences of customers’ product design and material. Customers will get their best made-to-order vibratory bowl feeder.
     The important factors of the design of vibratory bowl feeder is to achieve the correct orientation of the components, feed them one by one with the same direction, and with the fastest feeding speed. Therefore, the research and development team of Chen Tai makes the vibratory bowls based on the exactly needs of customers, leading to 100% correct orientation with the direction specified by customers, and using the fastest speed to connecting with the next manufacturing process. Achieving an automatic production line to make the earliest lead time for products, also save the time, labor, and cost. With the know-how and the experience on feeder machine, Chen Tai invents varies feeder, orientation, sorting and assembly machine for the secondary processing which improves a lot on the fastener process also impresses the industry.
     Chen Tai noted, “The advent of the headless/ double ended stud orientation machines and the vibratory bowl feeder for long screw are a few technical breakthroughs achieved by our team. In the past, customers often encountered bottlenecks when they needed to align headless fasteners. We developed the headless fastener orientation machine which can be matched with different sizes of vibratory bowls and the minimum orientation can also orientate the two sides of headless fasteners with an O.D. tolerance of 0.8mm and array them in the same direction. As for another type of long fastener vibratory bowl feeder which is able to orientate long screws up to length 400mm, can be regarded as unique in the industry!”
Automatic Feeders to Improve the Safety of Usage
     In addition to vibratory bowl feeders, Chen Tai has also developed an automatic elevator conveyor which can load about 700 kg of fasteners. With the hopper at side instead of on the top of the machine, it solves the problem that traditional hopper feeders usually need the bridge crane to carry the screw storage hopper overhead and supply the screws into the hopper feeder. This improvement enhances the safety of operators. The special design of feeding help release the large bunch of threads of long screws.
     Chen Tai Fastener emphasized, “We can help customize automatic equipment related to vibratory bowl feeder, feeder machine, lettering and knurling. Our products are suitable for the fields of fasteners, food, medical supplies, and daily necessities. We sell products all around the world and also set up branch offices in China for China domestic sales and maintenance. Even in the difficult time of the coronavirus influenza pandemic, we still have a great growth for global revenue and keep continuing to provide a variety of products to meet customers’ need for feeding and orientation.”
Contact: Edith Chen / Vicky Chen
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