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Industry Activities 

Cheng I Wire Machinery- The Best Support for High Value-Added Products Manufacturing
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     Among the global wire processing equipment suppliers, Cheng I Wire Machinery Co., Ltd. has been always in the lead in terms of technology and customer service and has been also a strong power that cannot be ignored in the wire processing field of the global fastener industry. Cheng I specializes in the R&D and manufacturing of equipment for rust removing, wire drawing/coiling/feeding, and high-speed straightening and cutting, comprehensively used by customers worldwide to process various types of wire such as screw wire, low carbon steel wire (galvanized wire, nail wire, groundwork mesh), high carbon steel wire (steel wire, spring wire, wire rope, wheel steel wire), alloy wire (alloy screw wire, alloy copper wire), etc., which can help achieve the dimensions and quality demanded by customers more efficiently. 
“A Magician” for Wire Processing Equipment
All Customers Can Find Equipment That Best Suits Their Needs
     With their excellent equipment R&D ability and technical research team behind, Cheng I can always find the most suitable solutions according to customers’ different actual application demands. On the one hand, they’ll listen to every customer’s demand for equipment first and after times of discussions and confirmations, they’ll offer customers professional advice and solutions for better product design and function improvement, make them realize the advantages and disadvantages of their required solutions, and eventually satisfy their demands. On the other hand, for knowing more about future customers’ equipment demand, the team of Cheng I oftentimes conducts market surveys and interviews with customers to gather relevant data for developing more new equipment based on original design that is more compliant with customers’ demands.  
     “Getting a full understanding of the R&D of equipment and technology has been always our most powerful and competitive strength in the market. As a result, we are able to provide customers with well-rounded suggestions based on their requirements and this is also why our customers around the world count on our equipment and technology so much,” said General Manager Marco Wang of Cheng I. 
Customization & Whole-Plant Integrated Equipment Setup Service
     The strength of Cheng I in the R&D of equipment has been continuously testified by collaborations with global customers. It successfully improved the design of a Japanese customer’s IVD wire drawing machine and used relevant equipment and mechanisms to relieve operators’ workload, enhance the control over manufacturing procedures, and ensure the full compliance of the final wire quality with customers’ requirements.
     “Japanese customers had strict requirements for customization, so we even flied to Japan for times during our collaboration for full-day discussions, reviews, and detailed confirmations. However, everything was worth it when customers showed satisfaction on their faces and gave their recognition after we delivered products to them ,” added General Manager Marco Wang.
     In addition to the R&D of equipment, Cheng I also offers customers whole-plant integrated equipment setup service. Through understanding customers’ actual demands, it can introduce superior equipment suppliers to them and offer professional suggestions about equipment and manufacturing procedures to help them achieve smooth production lines.
Cheng I’s CE-certified products have been quite popular in Europe, USA, Southeast Asia, India, the Middle East, Turkey, Japan, China, Taiwan, and many other major markets. With more countries loosening their border control measures, customers’ demand will increase. The operating income of Cheng I last year showed a continuous positive growth. 
     General Manager Wang said, “We’d like to aggressively expand our sales to the Middle East and E. European markets while simultaneously maintaining existing customers to create more advantages and profit for them.”
Cheng I contact: Marco Wang / General Manager
Cheng I Wire Machinery
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