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Industry Activities 

SINTEC CO., LTD.- SINTEC Patent-Pending Concrete Bolt
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     As one of the professional fastener manufacturers in Taiwan, SINTEC has been committed to providing a variety of high-quality fasteners for global industrial customers since it was established 10 years ago.
     Its main product supply focuses on construction screws, drywall screws, roofing screws, window screws, decking screws, concrete screws/bolts, and so on. In addition to having the latest testing equipment to ensure strict quality control of products, the manufacturing procedures of products it supplies also fully comply with the requirements of ISO9001:2015 and the EU CE certification.
     Among so many fastener manufacturers in Taiwan that have been in business for 30-40 years, SINTEC has a relatively short history of establishment, but with its professional team’s extensive knowledge of fastener products and in-depth understanding of the entire supply chain from raw materials for fasteners, product design and processing to the final packaging and shipment, it has secured many long-term overseas orders for itself.
New Product: SINTEC Concrete Bolt
     SINTEC has gained a strong presence in the UK and Japanese markets for years and has a large and loyal customer base. This year, it will participate in IFE to further expand its presence in the U.S. and the greater American market. At the show this year, SINTEC will not only showcase its well-received fasteners for the construction hardware, machinery and furniture industries (incl. C2 Screw for Furniture, C Type Coil Screw, Stainless Index Roofing Screws), but also introduce the newly designed SINTEC concrete bolt series to the visitors. The new SINTEC concrete bolt series is also expected to be a major attraction at the show.
     “The design of the SINTEC concrete bolt series has three distinctive features,” according to SINTEC. “First, the thread diameter of the hexagon head of the anchor is larger than that of the anchor and it has under-head serrations. During installation, the threads of the anchor bolt cut into the concrete along the hole and create firm engagement with the base material. Second, the drill bit and head recess design reduce the installation time. Third, the installation is simple (no torque setting is required), making the anchoring effect more reliable. At present, this product has been applied for certification by the EU ETA and the US ICC.”
Systematic and Efficient Quality Control Policies
     Providing quality product services and meeting customer needs is SINTEC’s consistent quality control strategy. Under such a business principle, SINTEC constantly and actively improves its quality management system and creates a more systematic and efficient operation management system, thereby improving product quality and providing customers with satisfying quality services.
     “Our competitive advantages include the ability to communicate completely with our customers, a complete product supply chain, and the ability to produce by our own and ensure good quality control from raw materials to finished products. In the future, with Europe and the U.S. gradually loosening their border control policies, we also hope to help distributors build brands and expand their product portfolios, and more importantly, provide professional products that best fit the needs of our customers,” said SINTEC.
Contact: Ms. Sammi Tsai
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