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Industry Activities 

Bi-Mirth Corp.- Eco-Friendly Manufacturing Procedures
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Update ICC Certification
     Taiwanese leading wood screw manufacturer has once again announced to make further upgrade. Being well-known in Taiwan, Europe and the U.S. for its patented Quick Drill Screws, self-drilling screws, self-tapping screws and wood screws. Bi-Mirth Corp. is currently updating its ICC certificates (incl. AC257 and AC233) in response to U.S. customers’ and regulatory requirements. The ICC certification allows the company to successfully enter the structural wood screw market in the U.S. In addition to the update, a number of wood screws including hex washer head screws, flat head screws, large flat head screws, and full thread screws were also added into the portfolio of Bi-Mirth products. Thus far, nearly 90% of the certificate updating progress has been completed and it is expected that Bi-Mirth can obtain new certificates by the end of this year to provide the highest quality standards of products and services to U.S. customers.
Higher Electroplating Capacity
     In the first half of this year Bi-Mirth still maintained steady growth. It has adopted new electroplating facilities and replaced the old electroplating lines with longer ones in the same year (equipment total length extended from 5 ft. to 6 ft.), which also means that the company's production capacity has taken a giant leap forward. “Domestic electroplating demand surged starting last year. Bi-Mirth has its own upgraded electroplating lines to process wood screws and increase screw manufacturing capacity. Our customers can rest assured to that,” said Bi-Mirth.
Advanced Coating Solutions for Environmental Protection
     Considering the fact that the global awareness of environmental protection has greatly increased, Bi-Mirth has also upgraded its processes for achieving better environmental protection. In terms of electroplating, Bi-Mirth uses eco-friendly formulas from different brands and ensures that excellent performance remains unchanged. In addition, a new eco-friendly resin-based coating is going to be used this September. All for creating greener screw production lines for Bi-Mirth’s customers around the world.
Taking Challenges Straight On
     Bi-Mirth pointed out that the main challenges faced by the Taiwanese fastener industry in the second half of this year include European and U.S. customers are sourcing more locally, price competition from Southeast Asian counterparts, and foreign exchange losses caused by the appreciated New Taiwan Dollar. In terms of price competition, the average price of Taiwanese steel wire rod is comparatively higher than other countries, and the prices of other related raw materials for surface treatment and packaging are also hiking. In addition, shipping cost from Taiwan is still relatively high. For example, Kaohsiung Port to New York Port rose from US$1,500 in 2019 to US$26,500 last year, which then gradually decreased to US$6,000-7,000 this year. Even though there is a decrease in the shipping rate; however, it still remains at a high level. Another challenge is that more European and U.S. industrial customers starting to source more locally because of the current political atmosphere in Taiwan causing many uncertainties for foreign buyers. This will cause great impact on all Taiwanese suppliers to obtain order. In facing all of these challenges, Bi-Mirth continues to maintain and increase sales in the U.S. through the aforementioned ICC certification update and increases production capacity through upgrading its electroplating lines. To better protect the environment, Bi-Mirth is starting to use a more eco-friendly solution coatings to improve the corrosion resistance of screws and contribute to the environmental protection of the Earth.
Being Prudent and Optimistic in the 2nd Half of This Year & Maintaining Steady Growth
     U.S. customers are facing problems like logistics, turnover, inflation, labor & procurement costs, and still do not have enough time to digest their existing inventory, so Bi-Mirth’s strategy is to maintain steady growth and remain cautious. “We are now working with an U.S. customer to develop a new type of long screws for drilling and tapping 25mm iron plates to cope with climate change. Due to the drastic increase in volumes shipped, we’ve also introduced a new logistics management system (using QR code) and shelves into our factory,” said Bi-Mirth. Although it won’t exhibit at IFE this year due to Taiwan’s immigration policy, it still plans to visit the Expo and meet customers. Bi-Mirth has 25% of its products exported to the U.S., 75% to Europe, and 5% to other countries (Brazil, Japan, India, for example). It is believed that its three major upgrades will definitely bring more benefits for its overseas sales.
Contact: The Bi-Mirth Sales Team  
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